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Matthew Hagee Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Matthew Hagee before and after his weight loss

20,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, is led by Matthew Hagee as its primary pastor. He forms a partnership with his father, Cornerstone Church founder Pastor John Hagee.

Additionally, Matthew was enthusiastic about evangelism as a child, which prompted his father to give him preaching lessons. He also loved to sing, which eventually encouraged him to perform at Cornerstone Church.

Furthermore, Hagee is not only an accomplished novelist but also a pastor. Matthew is the author of several works, including “Shaken, Not Shattered” and “Response-Able.”

Moreover, Since working in collaboration with his father, John Hagee, Matthew serves as the senior pastor at The Hagee Ministries. The Women’s Ministries of the Church are overseen by his wife, Kendal Hagee, and his mother, Diana Hagee.

This article is about Matthew Hagee’s weight loss details. Hagee’s looks before and after weight loss.

Matthew Hagee’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Matthew Hagee after her weight loss

Matthew Hagee, after her weight loss

Although the religious leader appears to be entirely transparent about his effort to lose weight, this does not indicate that he has already shared all the information we needed. Matthew said nothing about how and why he was losing weight.

However, it appears that he started losing weight because he thinks the Bible defines indulging without restriction as sin.

Matthew Hagee’s Weight Loss Surgery

Matthew Hagee does not seem to have undergone any weight-loss surgery. Instead, he went through it naturally.

Matthew Hagee’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Matthew Hagee revealed his diet method by avoiding fatty foods and sugary treats. Pastor Mattew was able to lose weight. He also adopted a gluten-free diet.

Matthew Hagee’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Matthew Hagee publicly disclosed his workout routine. He lost weight significantly with the help of his weight loss regime, which emphasized cardio.

Matthew Hagee’s Before and After Weight Loss

Additionally, he measures 80 kgs or 176.4 lbs.

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