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Maurielle Lue Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Maurielle Lue before and after her weight loss

Maurielle Lue is a famous news anchor of FOX 2 Detroit who is of descent from the United States of America. She graduated from Hampton University, garnering a degree in communications in 2006.

Because of her expertise in the field, she was awarded an Emmy honorary. Before professionally signing with Fox, she used to work for American Broadcasting Company and WEWS-TV, which enabled her to gain enough knowledge before embarking on an international television channel.

People are curious about Maurielle Lue’s weight loss journey. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about her, including Lue’s diet plan, workout routine, and even her before and after looks!

This article is about Maurielle Lue’s weight loss details. Lue’s looks before and after weight loss.


Maurielle Lue’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Maurielle Lue after losing weight

Maurielle Lue, after losing weight

Being a news reporter means that she is a familiar figure seen on television. Sources were claiming that being on the screen adds ten pounds to the people featured.

Because of this, the newscaster decided that she should cut some weight. She was also diagnosed with a disease that pushed her to pursue healthy living.

The Hampton University graduate did not disclose her illness in detail, but she mentioned that it alarmed her to work towards improving her health. The medical diagnosis was discovered because she brought herself to the hospital due to nausea and appetite loss.

Her fans made sure to respect her decision regarding her diagnosis. They said that as long as Maurielle is happy and healthy, it is enough for them.

Maurielle Lue’s Diet Plan

Lue’s diet plan was not identified as of this writing. Due to her illness, she became lowkey about her life.

Nonetheless, it was assumed that she is practicing eating cleanly to assist her in whatever she is going through. Removing processed and junk foods from her diet significantly impacted her weight loss journey.

She said that when she was diagnosed, the only thing in her mind was that she would take care of herself. It seems like it was a wake-up call for her to pay attention to her body’s needs.

Maurielle Lue’s Workout Routine

Maurielle is an active television figure; that is why she must maintain a regular workout routine. Moving throughout the day helps her stay active and healthy.

Furthermore, some sources cite that she is doing yoga to assist her mind get rid of the things she absorbs at work. Before starting the day, she makes sure that her mind is transparent to deliver on her work.

Maurielle Lue’s Before and After Looks

A lot of people admire the before and after looks of Maurielle Lue. They stated that it must take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve what she is showcasing as of this writing.

It is not easy for a busy woman to balance her time because of her work’s demands. Nevertheless, she could do it all with the support of the people around her.

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