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Michael Strahan Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Michael Strahan before and after his weight loss

Michael Strahan is a former American football player, television personality, journalist, and a two-time Emmy winner. He served as the defensive end for the New York Giants of the NFL in his 15-year career as a professional American football player, which earned him multiple awards and honors.

Being a dominant pass pusher, Strahan is one of the NFL players to ever have the most quarterback sacks in a single season. In his reprising and last season in 2007, he assisted the Giants in winning Super Bowl XLII against the New England Patriots.

After his retirement, he became a football analyst on FOX NFL Sunday as a veteran player alongside his former football colleagues. Strahan eventually replaced Regis Philbin as a regular host in Live! with Regis and Kelly as a co-host of Kelly Ripa — effectively altering the title of the American morning talk show to Live! with Kelly and Michael; the addition of Strahan in the front skyrocketed their views, and he considered the momentum to switch his career path and make-do of his hard-earned fame.

In 2016, Strahan was announced to host the revival of the game show The $100,000 Pyramid. The show is renewed for its fifth season and is currently broadcast on the ABC channel.

This article is about Michael Strahan’s weight loss details. Strahan’s looks before and after weight loss.


Michael Strahan’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Michael Strahan after losing weight

Michael Strahan, after losing weight

Strahan’s fitness journey did not begin as you would expect from such a feared and widely-renowned pass rusher in the history of professional football. His older brothers constantly teased him with the moniker BOB, which meant ‘Booty on Back.’ This pushed younger him to purchase Jane Fonda’s old workout videos to lose weight.

He quickly on from such a fad workout, his father, Major Gene “Willie” Strahan Sr., took him under his wing to learn the ropes of having an effective workout routine. Even before he was professionally drafted, he struggled to have a consistent weight due to the demands he had to meet to get into the NFL.

He fluctuated from being 285 pounds during the draft seasons in hopes of being selected; however, being at this weight did not give him the confidence to perform at his best. Strahan revealed that once he realized where his strength was in the teamplay, it ultimately changed the game for him and his goal weight.

Strahan is currently between 247 to 252 pounds, far lighter than before, as he no longer needs to rely on his weight to get more sacks during his games.

Michael Strahan’s Weight Loss Surgery

Strahan has always been active in his profession and personal life as a professional athlete. The possibility of the former NFL star from attaining his current weight due to weight loss surgery is zero to none as he appears to be pure muscle and strength — attributes that cannot be gained from weight loss surgery as an athlete.

Michael Strahan’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Image of Michael Strahan's gluten free diet

Michael Strahan’s gluten-free diet

As a pass rusher, being hefty is crucial to intercept the opponent’s attempt to land a score. Michael’s diet plan is not designed to reduce his body fat percentage but rather to find an equilibrium where he’s comfortable with his weight and can maximize his potential without compromising weight explained that the only principle he follows from his trainer is to avoid eating dairy, sugar, and pasta.

Strahan also maintains a high-protein diet and adheres to the 80/20 rule, meaning that he should keep a healthy and clean diet 80% of the time.

Michael Strahan’s Exercise for Weight Loss

Image of Michael Strahan doing his work out routine

Michael Strahan doing his workout routine

After he retired from the NFL, Strahan revealed that his workout routine altered. He used to primarily do the heavy lifting to become stronger and maintain his weight during his off seasons.

Nowadays, he focuses more on high-intensity cardio workouts and training his body for function, mainly using his body weight.

Michael Strahan Before and After Weight Loss

Strahan’s bodily changes should instead be called maintenance rather than a transformation since he has always been built and only needed the help of a trainer who can mold his God-given genes, talent, and discipline.

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