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Mignon Von Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Mignon Von before and after her weight loss

Mignon Von is an actress, director, and writer whose career started as a filmmaker and worked as a production assistant in 2013. Her acting debut began when she starred in the film Sister Code in 2015; by that time, her name took a toll, and another opportunity came up with her as she was cast in The Hidden Toll in 2016.

In 2018, she also had several films, including CU Later Tuesday, Villa Pacific, and a short movie that she wrote and directed 42 Seconds. Mignon also became a part of the well-known comedy-drama series, Sistas, portraying Daniella King or Danni.

Until now, the show is still running and already has four seasons. Moreover, Mignon also appeared as a cover girl in Kontrol Magazine in 2020. She has collaborated with various brands, and her popularity continued to rise even more.

This article is about Mignon Von’s weight loss details. Von’s looks before and after weight loss.


Mignon Von’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Mignon Von after losing weight

Mignon Von, after losing weight

For years, Mignon Von was contemplating whether she would need some weight loss or not. Until one day, she came up with a realization that she needed to take her body weight seriously.

Her weight reached in harmful level and obesity. She also admitted that she has struggled with her body weight and has been thinking about shedding some pounds.

Her weight loss journey was successful, and Mignon’s hard work overjoyed fans as she appeared in the media with her new transformation. Her sudden decision was not for herself; instead, she thought about her lovely daughter.

To take good care of her child, she first must be concerned about her body.

Mignon Von’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Mignon Von consulted with a doctor first to know what kind of diet she was allowed. At first, she had a hard time changing her eating habits as she was used to eating fried and creamy dishes.

Now, her foods wholly changed as Mignon avoided meals high in carbohydrates and fats and switched to protein-rich foods such as poultry, lean beef, and baked fish. Vegetables are also always present in her meals, and she consumes some sweets at least once a week.

Mignon Von’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

When she started her weight loss journey, Mignon Von was only walking within her area daily. She then took her trainer’s offer, tried lifting weights, and worked on her cardio.

Some of the exercises are lunges, push-ups, squats, and sit-ups. Moreover, Mignon meditates every day for 30 minutes. She was grateful that she learned all of these as they gave her peace of mind.

Mignon Von Before and After Weight Loss

Shedding weight was not easy as other thinks, and Mignon Von proved that. But despite those difficulties, it will surely end with satisfaction as your hard work will pay off with the desired result.

Mignon Von weighed 275 pounds before deciding to lose weight and was criticized for her appearance. After showing perseverance, she incredibly shed 120 pounds.

She has a vast body, wide arms, and a slightly plump neck before losing weight. After she managed to shed weight, her physical transformation made her unrecognizable.

Her body slimmed down and formed a voluptuous-shaped body. Mignon advised her followers who also wished to have a weight loss journey in an interview, saying that never hear a single criticism from other people and never give up.

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