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Mike Weaver Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Diet Plan, Workout Routine

Image of Mike Weaver before and after his weight loss

Mike Weaver is a renowned rock singer from the USA. He is known for singing with the Christian band “Big Daddy Weave” as their lead singer.

The band has released albums such as Love Come to Life and What Life Would Be Like. He is 46 years old and was born on March 5th, 1976.

The band’s members first connected while they were students at the University of Mobile. Mike was a community college student and the worship leader for a church in Pensacola, Florida. His pastor encouraged him to attend the university, where he studied voice.

Continue reading to learn about Mike Weaver’s Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Weight Loss.

This article is about Mike Weaver’s weight loss details. Weaver’s looks before and after weight loss.


Mike Weaver’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Mike Weaver after losing weight

Mike Weaver, after losing weight

Mike tells his story in a video uploaded by “HOPE ON DEMAND.” He claims that he has always desired to be someone else and was able to express his hatred of himself.

The “Big Daddy Weave” thing, according to Mike, is a joke that he and his pals enjoy, as well as a kind of self-defence. It all began in 2009 when they set a goal to drop 90 pounds in a year.

According to Mike, there are other people nearby who are doing it as well, and they are all shedding different amounts of weight by exercising, socializing, visiting doctors, and doing other various things. They only had one objective: they didn’t want to let anyone down.

Mike completed the challenge for a year and lost a total of 84 pounds, falling short of the target by 6 pounds. Even so, it is still a success because losing that much weight is not simple.

Mike claimed at the time that he was a failure and that he couldn’t gain the necessary 6 pounds. He began to think of himself as a failure on that particular day. Watch the video for more information.

Mike Weaver’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Mike began the diet to reduce inflammation. He began taking nutritious supplements, including an excellent multivitamin made from whole foods and digestive enzymes that aid in the digestion of the food he consumes daily. The third item is cod liver oil, followed by probiotics.

Mike Weaver’s Workout Routine for Weight Loss

Three to five times a week, Mike works out in the gym with his trainer, Scottie, doing both strength and cardio workouts. Mike claims in an interview that Scottie was his first workout partner.

Additionally, the singer has never in his life exercised. Furthermore, Mike was afraid to go to the gym since the people there were fit, and he felt that he couldn’t. However, he always has a connection to his trainer, who has supported him during these exercises.

Mike Weaver Before and After Weight Loss

Mike’s physique hasn’t changed much, but shedding 84 pounds is still a feat that very few people have accomplished. To shed that much weight calls for a lot of commitment and effort.

Nevertheless, Mike is happy right now, making music and cheering up his fans wherever he travels.

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