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Miley Cyrus Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Miley Cyrus before and after her weight loss

Miley Cyrus is an actress and singer best known for her character and the hit show Hannah Montana in 2004. The viewers loved her character as she played a young pop star who hides her identity from the people she loves most, especially her love interest.

The star had to keep her image as a pop star from her private life to protect both sides of her double life. In her early career, she starred in shows and movies.

In 2010, Miley Cyrus was cast as the lead role with her now ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, in the romantic film, The Last Song. Cyrus then pursued her singing career and released albums from 2008 onwards.

Her album release includes Breakout and Can’t Be Tamed in 2010. Miley Cyrus then was seen breaking out of her charming character from Hannah Montana, when in 2013, she allegedly showed the world the other side of her wherein she was said to have a negative display of character.

She stirred controversies by releasing the music video for her single, the Wrecking Ball, which became a hit and eventually No. 1 on the charts. She had become a coach for The Voice in two of its installments.

Looking at her early life before her career, it seems like her career chose her as Miley Cyrus was born to a father who was also a country star. Billy Ray Cyrus was one of her inspirations in becoming a star at an early age.

Miley Cyrus even appeared in her father’s Doc and the Big Fish show.

This article is about Miley Cyrus’ weight loss details. Cyrus’ looks before and after weight loss.

Miley Cyrus’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Miley Cyrus after her weight loss

Miley Cyrus, after her weight loss

The star is more than serious with her lifestyle and advocacy for animal care that in her home had various kinds of animals living with her, such as cats, dogs, pigs, horses, and the like. It was known that Miley had been vegan since 2013. She expressed that her love for animals pushed her towards that lifestyle and diet, which also helped her keep a slim figure throughout the years.

However, the star said that becoming vegan had made her so malnourished that she tried to incorporate fish in her diet to keep a healthier weight and a balanced diet. Her strict vegan diet did help her lose a lot of weight until 2019, but since then, the star has decided to abandon that diet and slowly consume protein to improve her body.

Miley Cyrus’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

The star was found to be lactose intolerant. Thus, Cyrus had to cut down on dairy products from her diet and go gluten-free. With this diet, Miley successfully reduced 40 pounds from her diet in her early teens. From 2013 until 2019, Miley Cyrus became vegan, contributing to her slim body and keeping her away from diseases.

Miley Cyrus’ Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Miley Cyrus doing her work out routine

Miley Cyrus doing her workout routine

Cyrus is adventurous not only in her career and sudden change of image but also in her exercise routine. She loves activities, and in 2013, she started Pilates in the studio and her home.

Miley had hired a personal instructor, Mary Winsor, and her former instructor had her routine focused on ab exercises, sets of sidekicks, leg workouts, and 30 minutes in Pilates. The star also does yoga; she even explored Ashtanga, a type of yoga that focuses on breathing exercises and can help improve the heart.

Miley Cyrus Before and After Weight Loss

Pictures of Cyrus’ before and after photos can be seen all over the internet, and it can be seen that Miley Cyrus always has a slim body, which she maintains. Miley had lost 40 pounds with the help of her diet in her early years. Although there were times when she had gained weight, it was then lost with proper diet and regular exercise.

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