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Nancy Cordes Weight Loss. Before and after looks, Current Weight, Diet Plan

Image of Nancy Cordes before and after her weight loss

Nancy Cordes is a well-known media figure and one of the most esteemed journalists in the USA. She is perhaps best known for her present job as the top congressional correspondent for CBS News, which she has held for several years.

Every day, Nancy provides content for all of the different CBS News platforms. As part of her responsibilities in this role, she has covered essential topics, such as the intensification of opposition to President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform.

She was essential to CBS News’ coverage of the congressional elections in 2008 and 2010. Nancy traveled with the Obama campaign in 2012, so the network could continue its election coverage.

Learn more about the weight loss journey of Nancy Cordes, along with her diet plan and exercise routine. See more of the journalist’s look transformation!

This article is about Nancy Cordes’ weight loss details. Cordes’ looks before and after weight loss.


Nancy Cordes’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Nancy Cordes after her weight loss

Nancy Cordes, after her weight loss

As a result of her recent weight loss of around 22 pounds, Nancy has emerged as one of the most interesting persons in the US. In addition to having lost a significant amount of weight, the journalist has also plainly demonstrated a substantial increase in her figure.

The extraordinary change that has taken place has not been explained, even though she now seems to be in good health and full of self-assurance. Others feel that her health issue is one of the causes of her weight loss, while others believe that she has embraced a healthy lifestyle and dropped weight to keep fit and healthy.

Because there is now nothing available on the internet to suggest that the journalist is unwell or has grown ill, the most reasonable conclusion is that Cordes’ weight loss was brought on by something else, which appears to be the most plausible explanation.

Nancy Cordes’ Weight Loss: Does sickness cause it?

Many people speculated that Nancy was afflicted with a disease because her rapid weight loss occurred over such a short period and was of such an extreme magnitude. People who are sick and have terminal ailments typically lose a significant amount of weight in a relatively short time.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence or official sources to support the claim that the journalist suffers from any illness. As can be seen both on television and in the pictures she posts on Instagram, she appears to be in better health and overall better shape than she did in the past.

The rumor that Nancy Cordes has lost a substantial amount of weight due to sickness is, therefore, nothing more than gossip at this point.

Nancy Cordes’ Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Unfortunately, her diet plan and workout routine are unavailable now as the journalist has not shared anything regarding her weight loss. However, she likely drinks lemon juice and honey early in her day.

As a result of the fact that she is a mother, she may be taking various multivitamins and supplements, such as vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and several other accessories that help manage stress. In addition to this, it is vital to consume a breakfast that is high in protein.

Nancy Cordes Before and After Weight Loss looks

When comparing her before and after images, it is evident that Nancy put a significant amount of effort into her journey to lose weight; nevertheless, she has not disclosed how she was able to achieve such a remarkable transformation. She has captured the attention of everyone who is now working toward achieving a perfect figure and reducing their weight.

Because she has not explained how she was able to lose so much weight, Nancy’s followers are currently left with no other option but to speculate about how she did it. The journalist appears to be engaging in physical activity and consuming a more nutritious diet.

Nancy’s weight is approximately 69kg (153lbs), though her previous weight is yet to be disclosed.

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