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Natalie Mordovtseva Weight Loss: Before and After Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Surgery

Image of Natalie Mordovtseva before and after her weight loss

Ukrainian model and reality tv show Natalie Mordovtseva was born in Kyiv in 1986. Her family background is unknown, aside from attaining a degree in psychology and journalism at Taras Shevchenko National University and V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, respectively.

Before making her appearance on-screen on the sixth season of 90-day fiance, she had been into modeling gigs and acting. In the show, the couples are given an exact number of 90 days to marry one another. In contrast, if one is not a US citizen, they are to be granted a K-1 visa to become a US citizen before officially tying the knot.

Mordovsteva married Mike Youngquist then. Their marriage did not work out, and it was also shared with the public that Natalie’s family disliked Mike and did not want them together.

This article is about Natalie Mordovtseva’s weight loss details. After one year of marriage, the couple filed for divorce in April 2022. Mordovtseva’s looks before and after weight loss.

This article is about Natalie Mordovtseva’s weight loss details. Mordovtseva’s looks before and after weight loss.


Natalie Mordovtseva’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Natalie Mordovtseva after her weight loss

Natalie Mordovtseva, after her weight loss.

Due to her failing marriage, reality star Natalie Mordovsteva had to take antidepressants and had been experiencing extreme stress that caused her to stress eating. The reality star reportedly underwent surgery to lose weight aside from diet and exercise. Natalie Mordovsteva gained 90 pounds due to stress eating; hence she decided to lose some weight to continue her modeling career.

Natalie Mordovsteva’s Weight Loss Surgery

To pursue a career in modeling, Natalie Mordovsteva had undergone some surgery to enhance her body. Although we can see how beautiful the star is, she had to undergo some procedures to improve her appearance.

She allegedly had laser liposuction in her chin to reduce fats and liposuction procedures in her tummy and waist for a slimmer look. However, fans asked her how she could lose a ton of weight, and she denied surgery allegations by telling fans that she had lost weight naturally through diet and exercise.

Natalie Mordovsteva’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Aside from having procedures to reduce her weight, which she initially denied, Mordovsteva said she had a diet and exercise routine to follow to help her lose weight. In her Instagram post, she showed her veggie crab recipe, which had been part of her weight loss diet. We can say that Natalie had a healthier diet and avoided eating unhealthy foods after stopping her tendency to eat stress.

Natalie Mordovsteva’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

The reality star has not shared her workout routine, but she revealed that she has been working out and doing cryotherapy, which helped her lose weight. Let us learn about her before and after looks since the star had undisclosed details of her exercise routine.

Natalie Mordovsteva Before and After Weight Loss

A significant bodily change can be observed in the before and after photos of Natalie; she appears to be slimmer than before, and her natural beauty stands out. However, in her recent picture, it can be inferred that the star may have had lip fillers. Still, fans find her beautiful in her recent photos, her newly tanned skin, and her slimmer body.

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