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Home » Nathan Fillion Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Nathan Fillion Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Nathan Fillion before and after his weight loss

Nathan Fillion is a famous actor from Canada, but he is also of descent from the United States of America. Some of his prominent roles are Malcolm Reynolds, John Nolan, and Richard Castle.

He celebrated his 51st birthday on the 27th day of March because he was born in 1971 in Edmonton, Canada. Furthermore, he is also a graduate of the University of Alberta, wherein he has partaken in the Kappa Alpha Society fraternity.

The actor’s appearance in The Rookie made fans wonder how he lost weight in just months. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about Nathan Fillion’s weight loss journey and results.

This article is about Nathan Fillion’s weight loss details. Fillion’s looks before and after weight loss.


Nathan Fillion’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Nathan Fillion after losing weight

Nathan Fillion, after losing weight

The weight loss journey of Nathan Fillion started when he realized that it was taxing for him to perform specific roles. He admitted that he needed a double when performing stunts such as fighting, running, and jumping.

There was no apparent reason why he decided to change his lifestyle. Nonetheless, it was assumed that he changed his ways because he wanted to be the one who would perform the stunts in his shows.

Furthermore, he is already aging, which is why he made the hard decision to change his lifestyle. He said that it might look too late for other people, but for him, he believes that he is moving on his timeline; therefore, it is just perfect.

Nathan Fillion’s Diet Plan

The diet plan of the actor is the traditional way of losing weight. According to him, he moderated his meals, and the magic happened.

Being a fan of sweets, he sacrificed to lose some carbs such as pastries and sugar from his diet. Instead, he consumed more vegetables, fruits, and protein to help him build muscles.

He started to be mindful when it comes to the foods that fuel his body. He concluded that his previous lifestyle made him feel bad because of weight gain and all the chemicals that come from it.

Additionally, he made sure to remove beers and other unhealthy beverages from his diet. As an alternative, he consumed more water than ever which is also a vital part of his weight loss journey.

Nathan Fillion’s Workout Routine

Nathan Fillion’s workout routine complemented his diet plan. Because of his age, he has limited choices regarding the exercises he can perform.

Therefore, he made sure to accomplish 12,000 steps per day. He tracked his actions using the new technology of his watch.

It was not easy because his endurance to such things is not long enough. Nonetheless, he made sure to accomplish his goals by the end of the day.

Nathan Fillion’s Before and After Looks

The change in the actor’s physical appearance was very evident when he appeared in The Rookie’s second season. His fans did not expect it, but it was apparent that he was commended for it.

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