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Nico Mannion Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Nico Mannion before and after his weight loss

Niccolò Mannion, better known as Nico Mannion, is a basketball player from Italy and the United States of America. He used to be drafted for National Basketball Association’s Golden State Warriors, which assisted his way to prominence.

Currently, he is under Lega Basketball Serie A or LBA under the team Virtus Bologna. His basketball skills were initially honed in Pinnacle High School, Arizona.

In 2020, news broke out about the weight loss journey of Nico Mannion. If you are curious about what happened, continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to discover more about his transformation.

This article is about Nico Mannion’s weight loss details. Mannion’s looks before and after weight loss.


Nico Mannion’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Nico Mannion after losing weight

Nico Mannion after losing weight

Being a professional basketball player requires Mannion to be of specific weight, which is vital in his playing career. He managed to maintain his ideal weight since he started playing basketball; however, he caught a disease that made him lose weight.

According to sources, the athlete caught a viral intestinal infection during the Tokyo Olympics. This hindered him from playing for the Golden State Warrior’s final play in the National Basketball Association.

Nico Mannion’s Diet Plan

The diet plan of Nico Mannion is explicitly curated for him by his dietitian. It is required of him to complete the necessary nutrients and calories per day to complement his lifestyle.

Additionally, sources state that he is a fan of proteins because he needs them for muscle growth. When he contracted the disease, he opted to eat fruits and vegetables to give his body the required nutrients.

Nico Mannion’s Workout Routine

The workout routine of Mannion is mainly on the problematic side because he is an athlete who needs to maintain a particular physique. Moreover, he has a personal trainer who creates a routine fit for the needs of his body.

His exercises focus on strengthening his body, which benefits his career as a professional player. The athlete makes sure not to forget to do cardio because it is also vital inside the court.

During his active rest days, Nico loves walking or jogging around their area to keep the momentum going. He said that he worked hard to achieve his body right now, and there will be no excuses for stopping what he has been doing.

Nico Mannion’s Before and After Looks

The before and after looks of the professional athlete shocked the fans of the team he is currently in. It was revealed during the practice game against the Golden State Warriors, where he was seen to be on the slimmer side, which worried the fans of the team.

According to sources, the basketball player previously weighed 190 pounds and lost 20 pounds of weight when he contracted the viral intestinal infection. The aftermath of the disease placed Nico in a place where he needed to regain the lost weight cleanly.

He said that going back to his ideal weight in an unhealthy way would only regress his progress. Fortunately, he was welcomed back to the court when he recovered from the disease he contracted during the Tokyo Olympics.

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