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Nicolle Wallace Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Nicolle Wallace before and after weight loss

Nicolle Wallace is an American television host, author, and former presidential campaign advisor. Wallace is publicly recognized as a news anchor for the MSNBC news and politics-centric show Deadline: White House; she also appeared as a co-host in the ABC daily talk show The View.

Born on February 4, 1972, in Southern California — her family moved up north, and she was the eldest of four sisters; the Devenish are antique collectors and dealers. Her grandfather and father founded their antique dealership in Manhattan, “Devenish and Company.”

Before shifting into journalism, Nicolle Wallace had her most prominent work in the earlier years of her career stemming from her involvement in politics. In 2004, she was affiliated with George W. Bush’s presidential campaign as the communication director, moving up from her previous position as his special secretary and media affairs director.

The New York Times commended her work for being simple yet effective. She “delivered her political attacks without snarling.” In 2008, she served as a senior presidential advisor for John McCain’s presidential campaign.

After her significant advocacy for the previous presidents, she ventured on writing and published novels commemorating her work in the White House.

This article is about Nicolle Wallace’s weight loss details. Wallace’s looks before and after weight loss.


Nicolle Wallace Weight Loss Journey

Image of Nicolle Wallace after losing weight

Nicolle Wallace after losing weight

Throughout her career, documentaries and images have shown that Nicolle Wallace has always been of healthy weight. Wallace being 126 lbs and 167 cm is a good combination for a healthy BMI.

Rumors and speculations about her weight loss started to resurface when fans and viewers of the daily talk show that she co-hosts noticed the difference in her appearance and spoke of how she dropped some pounds. However, the sudden weight change is a cause of the news anchor’s contraction of the COVID-19 just this year.

Most reports have stated that Nicolle started an even healthier regimen to strengthen her health and immune system against all possible illnesses that terrorize us. Still, Nicolle has provided no statements about her weight loss journey and battle against COVID-19.

Nicolle Wallace Weight Loss Surgery

After contracting COVID-19, most health practitioners and doctors would be highly against surgery as this virus can trigger the body’s comorbidities. Nicolle had most likely attained her weight loss as an effect of stress and changed health practices to gain a stronger immune system.

No rumors regarding ABC’s talk show host have been speculated.

Nicolle Wallace Weight Loss Diet Plan

Nicolle Wallace has revealed that she is a food-lover and her love for cooking on her personal Twitter account. The news anchor and political analyst even joked about how unrestrictive her diet is by speaking along the lines of visiting her on any Sunday if they wish to indulge, “If you’re not on a careful nutritional plan, come any Sunday!”.

However, after her exposure to COVID-19, she revealed that she’s now altered her diet to be more disciplined and vegetable-oriented.

Nicolle Wallace Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Despite being vocal about her altered health practices and previous diet, the host has not revealed anything about her workout routines to maintain her figure. Aside from a simple statement that she frequently exercises and keeps an active lifestyle, Wallace has not gone into depth about her exercise regimen.

Nicolle Wallace Before and After Weight Loss

Nicolle Wallace’s weight loss has been inspirational, to say at least. After bouncing back from being sick after her COVID-19 infection, the host returned to The View even livelier than before. Her weight loss has not been drastic or unhealthy to speak of, as losing weight due to stress is plausible aftermath; nevertheless, fans congratulated Nicolle for her recovery and shedding pounds.

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