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Nikki Cross Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Nikki Cross before and after of weight loss

Nicola Glencross — or as she’s most currently known for her screen name as “Nikki Cross” — is a prominent figure in the professional wrestling world. Glencross is born in Glasgow, Scotland, and being physically active is a classic theme in most of her childhood endeavors: cheerleading, dancing, and playing multiple sports such as hockey, basketball, and netball — Nikki is no stranger to such rigorous activities.

In the earlier years of her career, Nikki gained her first exposure to media when she debuted under the name of Nikki Storm (coined from the X-men character ‘Storm’) by participating in pro wrestling. Still, her most significant stride to success happened in 2016 when she was cast as one of the infamous “Sanity” members of the WWW in London.

The lot played the role of a heel stable meant to oppress other pro wrestlers during the show’s theatrics, playing alongside her teammates Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, and Sawyer Fulton with the addition of her current spouse, that is Killian Dain. 

This article is about Nikki Cross’ weight loss details. Cross’ looks before and after weight loss.


Nikki Cross’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Nikki Cross

Nikki’s emergence to fame had not been an easy journey due to the criticism she received from the audience over her weight. She received ill-motivated complaints under the guise of concern; people often blamed her losses during fights on her weight, but thankfully, due to Nikki’s optimism and choice to focus more on the love and support that the fans offered her — she did not let those negative comments deter her.

Fans expressed their great longing for Nikki’s presence in the show but supported her even more before and during her break. Nikki proudly stated that her motivation to pursue her weight loss journey had primarily been to improve her performance.

With this, Nikki announced that she would take a 100-day hiatus from her WWE appearances to fulfill her goal of losing weight.

Nikki Cross’ Weight Loss Surgery

Being a WWE star and a professionally trained fitness instructor does not seem synonymous with someone who would undergo any surgery to achieve weight loss. No information or even a wisp of gossip regarding Nikki Cross’s weight loss has been related to any surgery is available online.

Most people know that Nikki is not one to succumb to quick-and-easy ways to achieve something, as the star is accustomed to sticking to her cheerful and healthy mindset on her weight loss journey. 

Nikki Cross’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

Nikki Cross had been utterly transparent during her weight loss journey. She expressed her struggles over her tight and exhilarating schedule that hindered her from pushing her dieting goals to her fullest potential.

However, as a born and bred athlete, Nikki is aware that her health should always be her priority. She said that she changed her dietary plans by switching from her dense and protein-rich foods to a more plant-based and fruit- and vegetable-oriented diet.

One of her habits adhered to the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Nikki is also a firm believer in not eating out regularly; meals made from home are significantly more healthy and not to mention hearty than any store-bought foods. 

Nikki Cross’ Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Being an athlete, exercise comes naturally to Nikki’s daily routine. The WWE star shared that her workouts consisted of multiple activities that kept her routine dynamic.

Still, since her aim during her 100 days of transformation was to lose weight, Nikki focused more on doing steady state cardio workouts such as long walks and swimming. She still did not disregard the importance of weight training as keeping a toned appearance is necessary for her line work — videos all over the internet showcased Nikki’s prowess in various lifting activities.

Nikki also shared that she often engaged in boxing and cycling alongside her typical bodyweight exercises to not remain stagnant in her weight loss journey.

Nikki Cross Before and After Weight Loss

Nikki has reportedly successfully shredded 20 pounds after her 100-day hiatus from the WWE. From 137 pounds, Nikki managed to come down to 117 pounds.

Image of Nikki Cross before and after of  weight loss

Nikki Cross before and after weight loss

To keep things in mind, Nikki has a mesomorphic figure (thanks to her genes and being a WWE star!), and her weight loss did wonders for her as she looks more toned nowadays. 

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