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Home » Paula Ebben Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Surgery

Paula Ebben Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Surgery

Image of Paula Ebben before and after the weight loss

Paula Ebben is a journalist who continues to rise in the show business because of her excellent news delivery. She worked under the New England Cable News as a reporter and anchor.

She also served on WGMC-TV as a reporter in Worcester. Paula Ebben is a volunteer at the Boston School for the program Bridge Over Trouble Waters.

This covers the women’s alumni mentoring. Currently, she is one of the Board of Directors among the alumni. She is not only a fantastic journalist, but she also has a heart for different charities.

During her career, she has earned numerous achievements and awards, including the Peabody Award in 2013 for covering the Bombing incident in Boston Marathon, Columbia DuPont Award in 2014, and an Emmy Award for being an anchor in New England.


Paula Ebben’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Paula Ebben after the weight loss

Paula Ebben, after the weight loss.

Being an anchor in a well-known channel makes the netizens familiar with you, which is the case of Paula Ebben. Rumours and gossip started to float around that the reporter had undergone a process that made her appearance look different.

People are curious about what Paula Ebben has gone through to be attractive as a young adult in her 50s. Her physical appearance does not correspond to her age, and others obsessed with being healthy are dying to know about her journey in losing weight.

Paula Ebben’s Weight Loss Surgery

People questioned her regarding sudden weight loss; she has written some methods that would greatly help decrease a person’s weight, and netizens assumed that she underwent gastric bypass surgery.

It is a surgical technique that allows you to reduce your weight by decreasing the size of your stomach, so you can handle the amount of food you consume. Paula Ebben did not disclose if she indeed took the surgery.

Other than that, she also mentioned some methods that would not require any surgery to lose weight.

Paula Ebben’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Paula Ebben is currently at 68 kilograms, and people assume she lost about 45 pounds. She just ignored the rumours and proceeded to deliver the news.

She did not provide details on her diet plan, but we can assume that she is eating healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables since she has a good figure despite being in her 50s.

Paula Ebben’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Paula Ebben did not mention any of her exercises that helped her to lose weight. We will update this article once she has released a statement about her routine.

Others believed that Paul Ebben was naturally slim and thin. But others assumed that she had done some process to change her appearance.

Paula Ebben’s Before and After Weight Loss

Her transformation compared to her older photos piqued the interest of netizens. She is much thinner and slimmer nowadays, with blonde hair matching her heart-shaped face and pointed nose.

People could not help but admire her even more. Before she underwent surgery, her body was a voluptuous type, with a broad arm.

Despite having that look, she never failed to deliver her report stunningly. The public still loves how gorgeous she is on the television.

As they compared her looks as time went by, they saw differences. Paula Ebben becomes more beautiful as if she is back in her youth. Her heart-shaped face becomes more rigid, and her cheekbones are more visible, especially when she smiles.

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