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Peter Jackson Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Peter Jackson before and after his weight loss

Peter Jackson is one of the directors who directed numerous best films in the 21st century. He was best known as the director of the movie series, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The enormous success of his direction gave him a chance to make the film remake that inspired him to be a director, King Kong.

Before everyone recognized his name, he first became a photographic lithographer in a newspaper. He worked hard six days a week to save money and purchase a camera to start his film. After buying the camera, he created his first film, and over the years, she eventually wrote a story and directed it.

After several years of constantly chasing his dreams, he eventually became one of the most prominent directors. He directed numerous films besides The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy. One of these is The Lovely Bones in 2009, based on the novel by Alice Sebold.

This article is about Peter Jackson’s weight loss details. Jackson’s looks before and after weight loss.


Peter Jackson’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Peter Jackson after his weight loss

Peter Jackson, after his weight loss.

As a director of one of the most significant and well-known film series, Peter Jackson lost track of his weight as her directing required a lot of effort and time. When he was focused on the epic movie, The Lord of the Rings, he did not have time to track his health and ended up gaining weight more.

When the movie series ended, he started keeping his health on track, focusing on changing his meals, and beginning workouts. However, that did not last; after losing some weight, he gained again. He then worked on shedding weight again after he directed the film Hobbit.

Peter Jackson’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

After being alarmed by his sudden weight gain, he started a strict diet to reduce some weight again. He followed his effective diet with discipline. For breakfast, he consumed a hardboiled egg and two pieces of lembas and drank fresh fruit juice instead of coffee or tea.

He has already set aside every heavy food, including burgers and pizza; he is now figuring on simple meals. Peter Jackson said that his lunch consists of crispy crane and warg steak; he also often has fried fish. He has a salad, mostly a bowl of green veggies, at dinner.

Peter Jackson’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Peter Jackson starts his morning by taking a jog or walk, doing cardio exercises, and weight lifting. Sources also stated that Peter has a gym in his home and a few pieces of equipment that effectively reduces his weight. Doing all of these allowed him to maintain his current figure, and now, he is contented with his looks.

Peter Jackson Before and After Weight Loss

Peter Jacksons weight exceeded 360 pounds, and he lost 70 pounds in 2 years, then eventually gained weight again. And around 2014, he once again worked hard to reduce weight and lost 44 pounds. The fans were amazed at how hardworking he is despite his busy directing the most famous movies.

Unlike before, the directors heavy body is now gone. His face also toned down, and his cheekbones are now pretty visible compared to before. Peter continued in the cycle of gaining and losing weight, but he ensured that he would not lose more weight than before.

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