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Home » Post Malone Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Post Malone Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Post Malone before and after the weight loss

Austin Richard Post, best known as Post Malone, is one of America’s most successful singers, rappers, and songwriters. His unique voice and style in his songs made him reach the top. His techniques include blending hip hop, pop, rock, and folk.

Post Malone moved to Los Angeles to start a career without knowing he would soon become one of the most successful singers. He began to record music by himself with the music group he formed and eventually became affiliated with 1st Down of FKi, and his professional career began.

He has sold more than 60 million albums in the United States, and the Recording Industry Association of America gave gin a Diamond Certification as he released his single, Congratulations. He has already achieved different awards, including a Billboard Music Award, MTV Video Music Awards, and three American Music Awards.

Moreover, Post Malone has been nominated for Grammy Award six times throughout his career. Keep reading here to know about his weight loss journey! 


Post Malone’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Post Malone before the weight loss

Post Malone before the weight loss

The famous singer has undergone an extreme change; specifically, he shed so much weight that netizens started a rumour that he had been taking too many drugs since Post Malone did not deny in his early years that he had been taking drugs. Someone also said Post Malone looks like shedding weight in their every tour.

Post Malone did not bother to pay attention to the people talking about him. The people close to him, on the other hand, end the rumours circulating on the internet.

They confirmed that Post Malone is no longer absorbing drugs, which was a relief to the fans.

Post Malone’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

He has mentioned that he had been in the process of slowly drinking any alcoholic beverages to start living a healthy lifestyle. He was preventing himself from drinking.

His decision to give up taking alcohol and using drugs was a significant change. Moreover, because of their live shows, he burns so many calories, allowing him to become slim.

Post Malone’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

He did not discuss his method or routine in how he loses weight. He might not have time to exercise as he is focused on his career.

We will immediately update this article once Post Malone shares something helpful to lose weight and achieve his figure.

Post Malone’s Before and After Weight Loss

Image of Post Malone after his weight loss journey

Post Malone, after his weight loss journey.

In his early years, Post Malone appeared to be a man with a large frame. His figure matches his round face. Additionally, his jawline is nowhere visible in front of the camera.

He had many followers and fans of his physical appearance and talent. Starting in 2020, he came out in the media looking more gorgeous than before.

His face and body slimmed down. His enlarged stomach reduced its size, and different tattoos on his face also emerged.

Currently, he weighs 84 kilograms. No sources stated how many pounds of kilograms he lost overtime, but netizens know that his weight dropped so much.

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