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Randi Kaye Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Randi Kaye before and after her weight loss

Randi Kaye is a correspondent from CNN. She began her career in Nightline at ABC and eventually shifted to Peter Jennings.

She worked for different stations before landing a longterm job on CNN News in December 2004. She graduated from Boston University cum laude in broadcast journalism.

She has reported numerous breaking news and covered investigative stories that made her gain recognition. During the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama, she was the one who covered and anchored the news from Washington, D.C.

Randi Kaye won an Emmy Award for her CNN investigation of the transaction of infertility drugs on the black market in 2006. She contributed to the report of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and the network won a Peabody Award because of its coverage.

She also earned a Headliner Award in 2011 for the show, Amazing Animals: Smarter Than You Think.

This article is about Randi Kaye’s weight loss details. Kaye’s looks before and after weight loss.


Randi Kaye’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Randi Kaye in the present after her weight loss

Randi Kaye in the present after her weight loss

Randi Kaye is one of the journalists that the netizens follow her appearances in the news. That’s why the audience is familiar with her; they noticed the slightest changes in her appearance over the years. And they could not help but admire the stunning lady.

She is known to be physically fit; her body type is not that stout or thin. She has the body that women admire. However, in recent years, her figure has become different from before. Rumors emerged that she must have been facing some health issues. The people continued to worry about the problems arising.

Randi Kaye remained excellent in front of the camera. Her statement about the rumors made her followers’ worries fade away as she does not have illness or struggles. She ensures that the sudden change in her appearance does not affect her work.

Randi Kaye’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Randi Kaye has claimed to be a vegan for years now. This might be the cause of why the sudden loss of weight in her body. Vegetables are suitable for diet since this is naturally low in calories and fats. She invited her fans and followers to consider a vegan diet as this is more natural than any other food to lose weight.

Randi Kaye’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

She did not intentionally lose some weight, and the changes in her physical appearance might be because of her age. She did not reveal any information if she had or has an exercise routine aside from her diet plan. We will update this article once she has disclosed information on how she achieved her current body.

Randi Kaye Before and After Weight Loss

Randy Kaye’s bodyweight as of current is 56 kilograms. When she started on CNN, she had a fit body that was not that stout. We could see the slightest difference in her appearance over the past few years. Still, her jawline and cheekbones are visible and match her aquiline nose.

The iconic short and blonde hair of Randi Kaye is still present. Even though she slimmed down slightly, she still maintained her hourglass body. Her facial features are still the same after she shed weight.

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