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Rebecca Parrott Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Surgery

Image of Rebecca Parrott before and after of weight loss

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi are the couples featured in the show by The Learning Channel in 90 Day Fiance. Rebecca Parrott is famous for appearing in the show’s third season, and her now-husband’s romance was seen on national television. The 51-year-old reality star was born on February 13, 1971, in Georgia and worked previously as a private investigator and mechanic.

Parrott was said to have been in four marriages, including her most recent one with Zied Hakimi, whom she had known from a Facebook suggestion on the People You May Know list. Their love unfolds through a friend request sent by Rebecca.

Before her on-screen romance with Hakimi, she had been in three marriages and had three children with her first ex-husband, whom she had separated from in 2006. She remarried in 2009 to Seifart, her second husband, but after four years in marriage, they eventually divorced.

After her second marriage, she dated a Moroccan man named Belettar. He was reported to be younger than her, with an apparent age gap. The two got married but divorced right after Rebecca Parrott decided to apply for a k-visa and meet Zied. 

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakami’s romance started from an online interaction that led to Parrott booking a 15-hour flight to see one another; the two got married on April 19, 2022. Keep reading here to know about her weight loss journey! 


Rebecca Parrott’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Rebecca Parrott

Rebecca Parrott recently worked at Joella’s Hot Chicken as a general manager. She said that she wanted to be a chef; hence her current job is the closest exposure she can get to her dream job, as she had previously worked in the food industry, and it may have been the reason for her weight gain before entering 90 Day Fiance.

The reality star decided to lose weight for the show 90 Day Fiance, as she will be featured and seen on-screen, for viewers find slimmer body proportions more appealing.

Rebecca Parrott’s Weight Loss Surgery

Rebecca’s weight loss was put to her advantage when her journey was advertised online. From successfully gaining thousands of followers on her online accounts, Parrott is open about her procedures for weight loss.

She has been chosen to promote Sono Bello TriSculpt procedures which she had shared with the public that ultimately helped her achieve a slimmer figure.

Rebecca Parrott’s Diet Plan

Rebecca Parrot’s influence from her weight loss has allowed her to promote food supplements for weight loss, such as the brand, Plexus. She had used the food supplement aside from various cosmetic procedures to enhance her appearance.

Aside from taking food supplements, Parrott’s diet plan was not shared, although weight loss procedures had been significant in her weight loss.

Rebecca Parrott’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Rebecca’s weight loss was due to her procedures; she had undergone Sono Bello TriSculpt with liposuction surgery. She does not work out but relies solely on procedures, for she did not want to have that petite frame but rather a slimmer voluptuous figure.

Rebecca Parrott’s Before and After Weight Loss

It is evident that Parrott had achieved a slimmer body figure, and she had shared on her social media pictures of her progress in losing weight. She tagged Sono Bello TriSculpt on Instagram when she posted her before and after pic last December 21, 2020. 

Image of Rebecca Parrott before and after of weight loss

Rebecca Parrott before and after weight loss

After three months, she posted another update for her before and after photos and her recovery from the procedure. There was a noticeable change in her belly, which had been reduced to a slimmer size.

Rebecca then revealed that she’d also want to tone down her legs and thighs right after her recovery.

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