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Home » Wendy Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Wendy Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Red Velvet's Wendy before and after her weight loss

Wendy is her stage name; Son Seung Wan is one of the Korean stars well-known internationally. After two years of training, her name was introduced as a member of SM Entertainment.

In 2014, Wendy debuted in a k-pop group, Red Velvet, together with her group members, Joy, Irene, Yeri, and Seulgi. Her pre-debut was in March 2014 as a part of SM Rookies, where she released a song, Because I Love You, as a soundtrack in Mnet drama, Mimi.

You can also find the cover of Wendy to the song of Taylor Swift’s Speak Now on the YouTube channel of SM Entertainment. In Red Velvet, Wendy is the main vocalist, debuting on the 1st of August 2014 with a song, Happiness.

Since then, everyone noticed her powerful and mesmerizing voice, and offers to sing in different Korean dramas came up her. Throughout her career, she has already appeared in numerous variety series, including King of Masked Singer, We Got Married, Trick and True, and so on.

This article is about Son Seung “Wendy” Wan’s weight loss details. Wan’s

Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss Journey

Image of Red Velvet's Wendy after losing weight

Red Velvet’s Wendy after losing weight

To be in the Korean entertainment industry is said to be the most difficult to be with, as the country’s netizens will always have a way to say something about your physical appearance. Wendy was the one who experienced this the most as she was heavily criticized because of her body weight.

She does not have an obese body and has a healthy appearance. However, Korean beauty standards are not the same compared of other countries.

Because of her body physique, she met her first-ever rejection in Cube Entertainment when she auditioned as she did not match the company’s standards. The rejection gave her motivation to work on her body.

She reduced the number of weight and got accepted into SM Entertainment.

Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss Diet Plan

After Wendy’s debut in 2014, their second appearance in the comeback stage was in 2016; netizens harshly criticized her again for not taking care of her body. She then once again underwent a weight loss program. In an interview with Wendy, she shared the dishes she is having.

For breakfast, she consumes lettuce juice and apple; she only has half a cup of rice and pumpkin juice for lunch. And in dinner, Wendy mostly chooses not to eat and ignores consuming any foods.

Some sources also stated that her diet plan is often only 100 kcal, which is unhealthy as an adult needs to have at least 200 kcal.

Red Velvet Wendy Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Red Velvet's Wendy as a dancer

Red Velvet’s Wendy as a dancer

Wendy also mentioned the exercise routine she has throughout her weight loss journey. At night, around 10 in the evening, she takes a jumping rope for 2 hours to burn all the calories she digested for the whole day.

Then, two hours of dancing follow her jumping on ropes; Wendy also recommends doing aerobics for people who want to lose weight.

Red Velvet Wendy Before and After Weight Loss

Netizens believed that Son Seung Wan had a pretty fat appearance; that’s why she underwent great lengths to make her weight drop. As you can see in her older photos, she has a chubby physique, but that did not affect her beauty.

She had much wider legs and hips compared to today. Wendy became slimmer, making her legs and arms toned down.

She lost 15 kilograms of her weight and currently weighs 47 kilograms. Some international fans were worried since she went through an extreme weight loss; however, her lively performance on stage was enough to show her fans that she was in perfect shape.

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