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Ron Funches Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Ron Funches before and after his weight loss

Named Ronald Kyle Funches, better known as Ron Funches from California, he is an actor, comedian, and writer. He was born on March 12, 1983, and started his comedy career at 23 by performing in Portland, Oregon.

Since 2014 he has been active as a voice actor for various animated series like Adventure Time, Trolls, and Netflix series Hoops. But he is well known as he starred as a regular on Undateable, a series from NBC.


Ron Funches’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Ron Funches after his weight loss

Ron Funches, after his weight loss.

Ron Funches weighing 355 pounds before at 5’11 height, successfully lost 100 pounds. He has been dedicated to keeping a healthy diet and exercise in his daily routine.

Initially, Ron was alarmed about his weight when her mother first timed and voiced her concern regarding his son. When he released his stand-up comedy, Giggle Fit, he jokingly mentioned that his motivation for losing weight is for aesthetic purposes.

Still, on a serious note, he had some major health concerns due to his weight. Ron stated that he was about to die and shared his health concerns.

Most of his fans and friends were worried about the obesity-related illnesses he experienced. When he weighed over 360 pounds, he was not breathing normally.

His knees can’t keep up with his weight, and he has sleep apnea. Aside from health concerns, Funches realizes that his weight affects his career.

He was offered little characters like a homeless man or a gang member; he could take better roles. It is a motivating factor since he can see himself on TV.

He even shared that it helps when you can see yourself. While watching, he realized how big of a man he was.

Since his mom always mentioned her concerns even though she never did, it made Ron take notice of his health. He also has a son, who somehow adapts his unhealthy eating habits, and as a father, he did not want to influence him negatively, so he changed for the sake of his family, children, and himself.

Ron Funches’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

As part of a healthier diet, Ron removed candy and sugary beverages, specifically his favorite cherry coke and Shirley Temple. Since he’s always been a fan of fast food like Roy Rogers and Philly cheesesteaks, he also had to sacrifice not eating them.

Instead of eating grilled chicken and asparagus, Ron eliminated his intake of burgers, steaks, and fried chicken. Ron changed his meals to healthy ones.

For breakfast, he eats greek yogurt with fruit and cereal, oatmeal with fruit and berries, or oatmeal with cinnamon and some raisins with almond butter. He likes a turkey sandwich or small burrito for lunch; he eats chicken stir-fry or halibut every dinner.

Ron Funches’ Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Ron admitted that he was never into sports and had difficulty being physically active. Funches has his trainer Bill Lawrence, and they do exercise routines like cardio, weight training, and boxing sessions.

Ron enjoys spin class and boxing class. On regular days, personally, Ron jogs for two miles on an incline twice a day. Funches says the best part of losing weight has been all his energy. Now that he is active and fit, Ron gladly appreciates the increase in his power. He said he could do more things now without excessive sweat or tiredness.

Ron Funches Before and After Weight Loss

Ron’s transformation is easily comparable to how he looked before. Now that he is fitter, he said he can buy the nice clothes that he wants since his size is now that of an average man.

Funches’ new lifestyle positively influences his son, Malcolm, to be more interested in athletics. He even bragged about his passion for skateboarding.

He said physical activities are a great way to bond with your children. Both Ron and Malcolm go hiking twice a week, and they get to be closer and healthier.

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