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Scott Jennings Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, And Weight Loss Journey

Image of Scott Jennings before and after his weight loss

Scott Jennings is a renowned conservative political commentator and writer from the USA. Scott is the writer of the CNN Website, the Courier-Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and the USA Today, among other publications. In 2004, he was one of the most influential political commentators in New Mexico during the Bush-Cheney campaign.

This article is about Scott Jennings’ weight loss details. Jennings’ looks before and after weight loss.


Scott Jennings’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Scott Jennings after his weight loss

Scott Jennings, after his weight loss

Throughout his life, Scott Jennings maintained the same stocky build he had as a chubby child. For many years, he kept average weight of between 250 and 275 pounds. He was also known as a man who suffered from poor mental and physical health.

Due to his journalism schedule, he never found the time to control the weight scale. But before long, the time came when he suddenly became acutely aware that he needed to reduce his weight.

On January 16, 2021, he met with several pals to eat at a restaurant. Before dinner, he was wearing a suit that fit pretty well, but after dinner, he discovered that button was so challenging to fasten that it should be awarded a medal.

He was in excruciating mental and physical pain and decided to do something about it. That evening, he gorged himself on a mountain of prawns, grids, and bits of carrot cake.

He has experienced a range of distinct marks during his weight loss journey. After reaching a high of 275 pounds, he eventually dropped down to 220 pounds. His motto “run further, eat less” helped him throughout his weight loss journey.

Scott Jennings’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

Scott’s success in losing weight is primarily attributed to his use of intermittent fasting. At first glance, it didn’t seem like a perfect concept.

Because he was unable to determine how long he could go without eating. Nevertheless, he consumes large quantities of water, coffee, or green tea that do not contain sugar or artificial flavoring during mealtimes.

It eventually became his standard fare to drink a bottle of water with lime wedges. He made an effort to eat every day between the hours of one and five o’clock, leaving a break of three hours before going to bed.

He prepared various meals with ingredients such as cheese, meat, veggies, and brown eggs. He eats until he is delighted; therefore, he never goes without food.

Scott Jennings’ Workout Routine for Weight Loss

According to Scott, walking was the most effective method to lose weight and is the only exercise he does. It’s possible that his journalism schedule prevented him from fitting in an adequate amount of exercise time. He continued to have success in reaching his weight loss goal by adhering to a nutritious diet and using intermittent fasting.

The journey that Scott takes to lose weight brings about a lot of changes in his life. He had never before felt so much lighter, healthier, and steadier as he does now that he has lost weight.

After that meal the night before, Scott had lost a total of 55 pounds up to this point. The writer was able to reduce his body fat percentage from 26.5 percent to 16.2 percent after losing weight consistently over a week.

During his travels, he met many individuals, bringing forth negative emotions in him. Despite this, he maintained his confidence and steadiness, continuing to work according to his strategy, expecting that he would eventually succeed. And this transpired when he discovered a discernible shift in both his weight and health.

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