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Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Sheryl Underwood before and after her weight loss

Before her life was placed into fame, Sheryl Underwood had a difficult life. Sheryl and her siblings suffered from the broken marriage of their parents.

Her twin sister died the moment they were born, they were both premature babies, and Sheryl was the only one that survived. Aside from the death of her sister, Frankie Underwood, her other sister suffered from polio, and it was known that Sheryl and Micheal, her brother, had to take care of Frankie the most as a child for her parents continuously fought against each other.

Growing up, this American comedian, actress, and TV host had to witness the constant brawls of her parents. She expressed that there was a time she had to see her mother stabbing their father on his back for the reason that he was becoming too close to his children.

Sheryl’s mother also accused their father of being the reason for the death of her twin sister, but Sheryl never did believe her mother and continued to keep a close relationship with her father. Sheryl Underwood had always wanted to be a comedian.

However, soon after finishing her undergraduate studies, she became part of the military;  fortunately for her, in 1989, she became a finalist for Miller Lite Comedy Search, which became a stepping stone for her, and eventually, Underwood decided to pursue a career as a comedian. Her on-screen debut was when she appeared at Def Comedy Jam.

Then in 2011, she hosted The Talk, a television show. Since then, she has made various appearances as hosts for shows and comedic acts.

This article is about Sherly Underwood’s weight loss details. Underwood’s looks before and after weight loss.


Sheryl Underwood’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Sheryl Underwood after her weight loss

Sheryl Underwood, after her weight loss.

It is usual for a celebrity to be conscious about their weight. The same goes with Sheryl Underwoods. Being a mother to her twins made significant changes to her body. Pregnancy did cause Underwood to gain weight; right after giving birth, she was at her heaviest, weighing around 230 pounds then. It was also because of the lockdown from the Covid-19 pandemic that had led Underwood to gain a lot of weight.

In an interview, Underwood expressed her struggle with inactivity during the pandemic and opened up about her pregnancy and weight gain. Since the comedian has always been forward about her body and weight issues, we get to know how she lost 50 pounds of weight from her body. Let us learn about her secrets to losing weight in this article.

Sheryl Underwood’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

The American comedian, host, and actress shared her triumphant journey to losing weight. She emphasized five factors that helped her lose weight naturally: adequate sleep, prayer, exercise, meditation, and drinking a sufficient number of glasses of water daily.

Fiber is essential in her diet, as she expressed how it boosts the process of her weight loss. She avoids cholesterol and has a strict exercise routine. Sheryl also used a supplement called Metamucil, which is said to help her constipation and regulate blood sugar levels and digestion. The Keto diet also helped her lose 110 pounds as she suggested that going low-carb was beneficial.

Sheryl Underwood’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Sheryl Underwood follows a strict intensive workout routine. Her target for a day is to burn at least 3900 calories daily, and she includes a diet that allows her to reduce calorie intake as she consulted a dietician who advised her to go on low cholesterol. Sheryl Underwood even checks her weight daily to see how she can manage to improve her progress the next day.

Sheryl Underwood Before and After Weight Loss

The comedian’s before and after photos are the results of her perseverance. We can tell that Sheryl Underwood has lost a lot of weight, and she continues to do so and become an inspiration to people who share the same struggles as her.

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