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Home » Steven Strait Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Steven Strait Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Steven Strait before and after his weight loss

If you are a fan of the popular action movie Sky High in 2005 and the science fiction series The Expanse from 2015 until 2022, then you’ll probably know Steven Strait.  Steven is an outstanding American actor and musician of Dutch and Italian descent.

His parents are Jean and Richard Dyer Strait, and he was born and lived in the Manhattan area of Greenwich Village. In 2019, Steven exchanged vows with his Russian model girlfriend, Daria Zhemkova. The couple had no children up until now.

This article is about Steven Strait’s weight loss details. Strait’s looks before and after weight loss.


Steven Strait’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Steven Strait after his weight loss

Steven Strait after his weight loss

Due to the recent changes in Steven’s body appearance, his followers seemed to be worried that he was sick. Since 2013, There has been speculation that Steven Strait has an illness or health issues, but in 2021, it started to surface more frequently; however, there is no verified information on this.

On the contrary, Steven seems to be in good form based on his recent appearances at events and interviews. Steven’s weight reduction, however, is unrelated to a medical condition; that much is certain.

He put a lot of effort into losing weight for his role on The Expanse.

Steven Strait’s Weight Loss Surgery

Steven didn’t have any surgical procedures to help him lose weight. Instead, he went through it naturally.

Steven Strait’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Steven didn’t have any social media accounts, and he seems to be aloof in his interviews when it comes to his personal details. So, there is no information available regarding his diet plan.

Steven Strait’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Steven is very secretive when discussing his weight loss quest and exercise regimen.

Therefore, there is no information available on that.

Steven Strait’s Before and After Weight Loss

Steven currently weighs 77 kgs or 169 lbs.

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