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Sue Aikens Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Sue Aikens before and after her weight loss

The people’s favor in the series Life Below Zero continued to escalate because of one of the casts, none other than Sussan Ruth, also known as Sue Aikens. They live in an isolated state as they continue to battle for their basic needs. Those are some illustrations of the popular documentary series in National Geographic.

Sue Aiken’s life centered on dealing with challenges for survival in the Kavik river camp in Northern Alaska. She has seen in numerous television series, including Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which aired in November 2010 on TLC and depicted the natural wonders of Alaska to Americans.

Apart from that, she also made an appearance in Flying Wild Alaska, created by Discover Channel in 2011. The documentary revolves around a family that operates a small airline for the transportation of necessities in Alaska.

Her career as a television personality blossomed as she made a name for herself by showcasing her unique lifestyle in several television series. Because of her resilient mind, she became an inspiration to some and a figure of strength.

This article is about Sue Aikens’ weight loss details. Aikens’ looks before and after weight loss.

Sue Aikens’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Sue Aikens after losing weight

Sue Aikens, after losing weight

Being in a harsh environment will not allow you to think about other things aside from surviving. As the TV personality aged, that was the only time she realized to start living healthy to make her body more comfortable and eliminate the risk of health problems.

In her interview in October 2018, she claimed that she just wanted to improve her health as it has good benefits. And despite her struggle with her injuries, particularly the bear claw in her hips, Sue Aikens pushed herself to work on her body. Her sudden transformation made the audience wonder what process she had undergone to have a slimmer body.

Sue Aikens’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

For now, the reality show actress still does not talk about the diet plan she had to lose a significant number of pounds. Her fans are hopeful to be filled up with information regarding her diet plan.

But indeed, since she decided to improve her weight, she might reduce the number of her carbs and sugars. Rest assured, we will update this article once Sue Aikens opens up about her diet plan.

Sue Aikens’ Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Sue Aikens did not focus on having some exercise routine as she already busy doing chores. She already considered exercising the physical things she does, and she always does it at home.

Aside from household chores, her exercise that is very beneficial in her losing weight is pushing herself to do some machinery work. It is effective for losing weight as this requires a respectable amount of strength.

Sue Aikens Before and After Weight Loss

After the new episode of Life Below Zero aired in September 2019, the viewers’ attention instantly drew to Sue Aikens. They notice the massive change in the personality’s body physique; that is not a surprise since Sue Aikens shed 75 pounds of her weight, around 34 kilograms.

If we compare Sue Aikens’s physical appearance to her present pictures, we can see that her vast body suddenly toned down. The 60-year-old lady looked back on her youth, showing off her slim figure.

We could see a slight hourglass-shaped in her pictures. As of now, Sue Aikens’s weight is reportedly 77 kilograms.

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