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Tia Mann Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Tia Mann before and after her weight loss

Tia Mann is the youngest daughter of famous comedian actors David Mann and Tamela Mann, a gospel artist. Mann became a recognizable name in public as a solo soul singer and entrepreneur.

She was born on May 25, 1990, in Mansfield, Texas, where she grew up with her two older siblings — Porcia Mann, who is another makeup artist, and Youtuber and David Mann Jr. Having grown up in the south, Tia upholds a traditional Christian upbringing along with her whole family.

Mann attended Mansfield High School, but information regarding her collegiate career is yet to be reported. Since she was young, Tia has always loved singing and makeup.

These are her two most passionate endeavors that she is still honing up until now as a professional career. Careerwise, Tia proves herself to be a woman of her own despite gaining most of her audience from her parents’ recognition as a famous stand-up comedian and singer.

She is striving to establish herself as a solo artist, but she is still involved in her family’s business as the main organizer of her parent’s tours, shows, and programs. As a makeup enthusiast, Mann also gave her other passion much effort.

She is the CEO and founder of the cosmetic line “Tilly’s Cosmetics,” and her half-sister, Porcia, featured her makeup line on her personal Youtube channel.

This article is about Tia Mann’s weight loss details. Mann’s looks before and after weight loss.


Tia Mann’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Tia Mann after losing weight

Tia Mann, after losing weight

Tia Mann began her weight loss journey in 2017, along with her mother, Pamela. Tia has been quite plump since her first media appearance, but she never really received any criticisms for her body as most people focused on her talent as a singer.

She has also never publicly expressed her desire to lose weight. It was only around 2019 when people began to notice that she looked far slimmer than she was compared before.

However, there is no definite narrative regarding how Tia managed to lose weight as she, herself, has not confirmed or denied anything regarding her weight loss.

Tia Mann’s Weight Loss Surgery

During the beginning of her weight loss journey in 2017, Tia was allegedly supposed to undergo weight loss surgery. Pamela, her mother, voiced her concerns about her daughter’s health if she experiences one.

But none of these occurrences were ever confirmed by Tia since the rumors sparked to life. Most people were also siding with the narrative that she naturally lost weight due to a healthy diet and exercise, seeing as her weight loss had been gradual and far from abrupt.

Tia Mann’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Tia had reportedly incorporated WW (formerly Weight Watchers) in her weight loss program. WW or Weight Watchers is a diet plan emphasizing weight loss through healthy food and lifestyle choices.

According to the Weight Watchers plan, dieting is only one component of a healthy lifestyle. The program emphasizes the importance of overall mental and physical well-being.

According to the WW program, Tia has never publicly shared her personalized diet plan.

Tia Mann’s Exercise for Weight Loss

Tia has never shared details about her workout routine. Neither has the rising singer and entrepreneur queried about her exercise regimen that pertains to her weight loss.

According to the rules of WW, working out is an optional component of the weight loss program, so it is hard to discern whether Tia actually workout or not.

Tia Mann Before and After Weight Loss

Tia allegedly lost 40-pounds since the beginning of her weight loss journey in 2017. She remains active in her Youtube channel that she shares with her boyfriend, which features her often indulging in food comfortably.

Perhaps her weight loss success and unrestrictive diet plan gave her much confidence to eat as much as possible without stressing about its aftermath, judging by her carefree disposition.

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