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Home » Tiffany Franco ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Tiffany Franco ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Tiffany Franco of ‘90 Day Fiancé's before and after her weight loss

Tiffany Franco is best known for her appearance in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? with her husband, Ronald Smith. Their love story was featured in season one of the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way series.

Aside from being a star in television, Tiffany’s primary career is being a glam makeup artist. Aside from being a makeup artist, Tiffany is also a social media influencer and had sponsored by the companies like Teami, working for weight loss ads.

The people recognized Tiffany Franco as she continued to appear in the consecutive season of 90 Day Fiance. Recently, the makeup artist and influencer launched her makeup brand, Addyrose Cosmetics.

She updates her products in an Instagram account dedicated to her business, reaching more than 57 thousand followers. Her fans support and root for her as she ventures into her career.

This article is about Tiffany Franco’s weight loss details. Franco’s looks before and after weight loss.


Tiffany ‘90 Day Fiancé’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Tiffany Franco of ‘90 Day Fiancé's after losing weight

Tiffany Franco of ‘90 Day Fiancé’s after losing weight

Tiffany admitted that she has always had a larger frame than anybody else, and giving birth to a baby even made her gain weight. She decided to start her weight loss journey when she delivered her second baby.

Her fitness began in 2020; even though she had numerous struggles, she pushed herself to the limit. Fans of 90 Day Fiance were shocked by the sudden transformation of the makeup artist.

Tiffany was proudly flaunting her new appearance, and people started to seek answers on how Tiffany managed to lose a significant number of pounds in just a short period.

Tiffany ‘90 Day Fiancé’s Surgery

The makeup artist proudly revealed that she underwent Gastric Sleeve surgery and lost over 60 pounds. This process is also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy, which removes a large part of the stomach—removing around 80 percent of your stomach to restrict the food you intake, leaving about the size of a banana which is a tiny pouch.

Tiffany ‘90 Day Fiancé’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Tiffany did not give a specific diet plan she is having to lose weight or maintain her body. But, she mentioned consuming so much protein, over 60 to 70 grams daily.

She also drinks protein shakes to fulfill the amount of protein she intakes. And of course, vitamins and fluid are always present in her diet plan; she claimed she drinks water as much as possible.

Tiffany ‘90 Day Fiancé’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

She did not reveal any exercise routine in her weight loss journey; that’s why we cannot provide any information if she had any workouts that helped her to manage her weight. We all know that exercise has a commendable role in losing weight; however, there are also a lot of people who did not undergo any exercises to lose weight, and Tiffany might be one of those people.

Tiffany ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Before and After Weight Loss

In June 2021, when she decided to have surgery, she lost 60 pounds of her weight; since then, she has continued living a healthy lifestyle and losing pounds. After 11 months of being in the process of weight loss, Tiffany shared a massive difference in her figure; she shed 80 pounds, surprising the netizens.

Tiffany was around 295 pounds when she first underwent surgery; now, she is approximately 219 pounds. As you can notice in her previous pictures, Tiffany has neck fat covering up her chin and a larger body.

And in her present photos, her wide body is no longer in there, her figure toned down in hourglass-shaped, and her jawline is now evident.

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