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Toccara Jones Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Toccara Jones before and after her weight loss

Toccara Jones is America’s Next Top Model finalist in cycle three. She came to the medias limelight after joining the show. She is one of the top favorites of people; however, she only placed 7th place at the show’s end.

She won four times in Covergirl of the Week. After the show, ANTM ended, she signed to be a plussized model and had an opportunity to become a cover in numerous magazines, including The Next Level Magazine in 2005, Black Hair Magazine, and Black Med Magazine in 2006. She was also got featured in Ebony Magazine in December 2008.

Aside from being a model, she is also a television personality. She appeared in an episode of 106 & Park and became one of the hosts. She also hosted America‘s Next Thick and Sexy Model and Celebrity Paranormal Project.

This article is about Toccara Jones’ weight loss details. Jones’ looks before and after weight loss.


Toccara Jones’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Toccara Jones after her weight loss

Toccara Jones after her weight loss

Being in a model industry, you could not help but to see some criticizing eyes of the people, you also cannot ignore the harsh words around you. Being judged on having a body that is not accepted by the industry’s standard. And this is no different with the star.

The model started her weight loss journey in 2008, wherein she appeared in Celebrity Fit Club‘s second season. She thought it was time to change and that it would be a great change in her career. She wanted her body to be more appealing and a good shape.

Toccara Jones’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

In her process of shedding weight, she did numerous things that allowed her to lose a pound in months. Toccara Jones restricted herself from drinking cold drinks and also started consuming protein, healthy beverages, and vegetables.

Toccara Jones’ diet plan was simple. Before having her meal, she also mentioned having a glass of water. And as much as possible, she only ate light meals. Many people encouraged her to join some programs to fasten her weight loss, but she did not bother to acknowledge it.

Toccara Jones’ Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Toccara Jones on her work out routine for weight loss

Toccara Jones on her workout routine for weight loss

The model is said to be strict in her workout plan. At first, she began doing some simple exercises, then after a couple of weeks, she started pushing herself to her limits. She also mentioned that she began aerobics and did it daily for an hour. Additionally, to have even more energy, she frequently attends yoga sessions.

Toccara Jones’ Before and After Weight Loss

Back in 2004, there was a double chin on her facial features. It is also visible that she has a muffin top. Despite having this kind of look, she did not bother to care about every criticism she heard from the people. Toccara Jones is still undeniably beautiful and continues to shine in the modeling industry.

After months of starting her weight loss journey, in 2009, 32 pounds had admirably decreased in her weight. Her double chin was no longer visible and her belly fat was also gone. She was a photographer with more confidence. As she continued her progress, she lost almost 80 pounds; enough to make an inspiration to all women who are losing weight.

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