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Home » Todd Gibel Weight Loss: Surgery, Diet Plan, Exercise Routine, and Before and After Looks.

Todd Gibel Weight Loss: Surgery, Diet Plan, Exercise Routine, and Before and After Looks.

Image of Todd Gibel before and after his weight loss

Todd Gibel is a television personality famous for his appearance in Little Women: LA and Cold Autumn. His career debuted in 2014 and lasted until the year 2019.

His exact birthdate is undisclosed to the public, but he was discovered to be born in Los Angeles, California. The actor keeps details about him under wraps so that people would only focus on his acting career.

Read further to discover Todd Gibel’s journey to weight loss. This article includes his surgery, diet plan, routine, and even if before and after looks!

This article is about Todd Gibel’s weight loss details. Gibel’s looks before and after weight loss.


Todd Gibel’s Weight Loss Journey

Being an actor is indeed stressful; that is why most of them find comfort in food. Because of the sedentary lifestyle, Todd Gibel gained weight which affected his performance as an actor.

His previous wife, Christy McGinity Gibel, initiated his weight loss journey. According to rumors, Todd Gibel’s wife threatened to file a divorce if he would not do anything about his weight.

Todd Gibel’s Weight Loss Surgery

Image of Todd Gibel after losing weight

Todd Gibel after losing weight

The reality TV star has been very vocal about his weight loss journey because it is something to be proud of. Furthermore, he took the shortcut to lose as much weight as possible because of the threat made by his former wife.

In 2017, Todd underwent gastric bypass surgery, which skyrocketed his weight loss. A report was published that he lost more than 52 pounds after the surgery.

However, even though he responded well to Christy’s command, the couple’s marriage still fell apart. As of this writing, Todd’s ex-wife is already married, while the actor is focused on his own improvement.

Todd Gibel’s Diet Plan

Image of Todd Gibel's healthy diet

Todd Gibel’s healthy diet

Having the privilege to go through surgery to lose fat faster, Todd made sure to maintain a healthy and balanced life to not go back to his previous lifestyle. He tweeted that he lost over seventy pounds three months after his surgery.

His diet plan is not revealed to the public as of this writeup. However, it was discovered that he has been trying several diet plans to see what fits him best to not waste his efforts and money on his road to healthy living.

Todd Gibel’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Unfortunately, the exercise routine of the actor is not disclosed to the public. However, it was discovered that he has a professional trainer to keep him on the right track in his weight loss journey.

Todd Gibel’s Before and After Weight Loss

The changes in his weight have been evident on the reality show; that is why he is commended for choosing to change his lifestyle, which benefited him and the people around him. According to his ex-wife, Todd has been more energetic and happier after his surgery.

The weight loss journey of the actor helped him tremendously in terms of his work. It is also celebrated because his weight on his 50th birthday is less than his weight on his 20th birthday, which is obviously a huge milestone for him.

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