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Willie Robertson Weight Loss: Before and After Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Willie Robertson before and after the weight loss

An American actor, producer, businessman, and author, Willie Jess Robertson, was born on the 22nd of April 1972. He is the current CEO of Duck Commander, a company that manufactures duck calls and merchandise used for duck-hunting.

He also appeared on multiple famous TV shows, including Duck Dynasty. Will Robertson has been married to Korie Robertson since the 11th of January, 1992, and they live together with their five children.

Both of Willie’s parents, Phil Alexander Robertson and Marsha Kay Carroway, are both television personalities best known for their appearance on Duck Dynasty. As a child, Willie participated in various hunting activities.

He also worked under his father’s business, the Duck Commander, as the handler of business calls and builder of duck calls. He attended and graduated from Northeast Louisiana University with a business degree before taking over their company.

After handling their Duck Commander company, their simple family business boosted into a multimillion-dollar industry. In 2012, their whole family participated in producing the TV Show Duck Dynasty.

It featured the success of their family business that aired for almost five years. The 4th season even garnered 11.8 million viewers and became the most-watched cable series for the nonfiction genre.

Keep reading to know more bout Willie Robertson’s weight loss journey!


Willie Robertson’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson is an American TV personality, actor, and business

People may have known the star from Duck Dynasty as the funny guy with long hair and a long beard. Not only Willie but his father and other siblings exhibit similar looks to each other; long and curly hair, a long beard with a moustache, a big body.

They exhibit the perfect image of what a hunter looks like. But what they do not know is that Willie was having problems with his health.

Because of his condition, he was required to lose and watch his weight. With the help of her wife, Willie has followed different diet plans and exercises.\

Willie Robertson’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Image of Willie Robertson's healthy diet

Willie Robertson’s healthy diet

Willie Robertson revealed that it was his wife who mostly watched his diet. In order for him to be healthy, Korie has forced him to be a vegetarian.

She would prepare his meals that consisted of tofu, vegetables, and sweet potatoes. Willie was not allowed to eat any types of meat or snacks, which was a big adjustment for him.

However, his wife’s cooking made his diet plan bearable. Korie successfully transformed his husband into a vegetarian and healthy man,

Willie Robertson’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Korie Robertson insisted that the Duck Dynasty star do yoga. At first, Willie was against the idea because he thought his image did not fit it and he would lose his pride.

However, Korie’s persistence has pushed Willie to sign up for multiple yoga classes.

Willie Robertson’s Before and After Weight Loss

After his extreme diet and yoga classes, Willie Robertson has successfully lost 10 pounds. Everyone can see his transformation, which was his most significant accomplishment yet.

Aside from his body weight, Willie also decided to change his hair, completely changing his looks. After getting his long hair trimmed off, his wife admitted that she did not recognize his husband.

According to Willie, his transformation will be the start of his life-changing as he moves on from the Duck Dynasty.

Medical Reason for Weight Loss

Willie Robertson revealed that his sudden decision to lose weight was due to his blood pressure. High blood pressure may cause a person to experience heart attacks, and losing weight is one way to prevent it.

Therefore, Willie’s doctor advised him to watch his diet and lose weight to maintain his health. His condition also worried his wife a lot. After getting the doctor’s advice, she was the one who insisted her husband undergo a diet.

Korie played a significant role in Willie’s weight loss journey.

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