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Home » Willie Spence Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Willie Spence Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Willie Spence before and after his weight loss

Willie Spence is a singer-songwriter and television personality who won 2nd place in American Idol season 19. The name Willie Spence was first recognized when his video on YouTube went viral.

He was singing Diamonds by Rihanna, which was recorded by a friend and hit with over 15 million views. Willie also established his own YouTube Channel in 2016, where he released his music with over 589 thousand followers.

His 48 videos already have around 47 million views. Luh Kel and Famous Ocean have also become part of one of his music videos. The young singer continued to make a name in the industry, and his fans supported him.

He currently has a contract with Red Agency Records and now has produced an album entitled The Voice. His album consists of songs, Forever More, Chance On Me, Reckless, So Gone, One Minute With God, and Notice me.

This article is about Willie Spence’s weight loss details. Spence’s looks before and after weight loss.


Willie Spence Weight Loss Journey

Image of Willie Spence after losing weight

Willie Spence after losing weight

The singer is concerned about his weight and decides to consult a doctor. He discovered he had health risks, and the doctor advised him to lose some fats and gain muscle.

He decided to start taking care of his body, as he also thought that if he did not have good health, he would not have a promising career. Since Willie started his journey in reducing weight, he shared his progress in his physical appearance.

The result overjoyed the fans he showed, and his hard work succeeded, losing so many pounds. Numerous netizens even started a rumor about Willie having surgery, but that quickly faded when he cleared that he had gone into a natural process.

Willie Spence Weight Loss Diet Plan

One thing that played an essential role in Willie Spence’s rapid weight decrease was he started to consume healthy foods. He eventually had control over the meals and dishes he ate and probably lessened the sugars he intaken and eliminated all the foods high in carbohydrates.

Willie Spence Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Willie Spence did not precisely disclose his exercise routine during his journey in losing weight. However, he often updates his progress on his social media, especially on Twitter.

Willie shares some of his pictures and videos of him lifting heavy weights and using equipment in the gym to help him burn a lot of calories.

Willie Spence Before and After Weight Loss

If you compare his before and after looks, you can tell that Willie Spence is pushing himself to have a healthy lifestyle. Willie was once an incredibly huge man, all of the parts in his body were full of fats, and his obesity was not healthy in the eyes of people, and it was clear that he was struggling with his weight.

Willie’s previous weight was 600 pounds, and he unbelievably lost 200 pounds. Although he still did not escape obesity, the massive pounds he shed are enough to praise him since 200 pounds is no joke.

He gave commitment and perseverance in losing weight, which was enough to make his followers proud of him.

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