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Yvette Nicole Brown Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks 

Image of Yvette Nicole Brown before and after her weight loss

If you are a fan of the hit comedy series Community, then you probably know who Yvette Nicole Brown is. She played the role of Shirley Bennett, a mother, while still studying in a community college.

Before becoming a Hollywood star, Yvette first worked in various tv commercials. Then, in 2002 she worked for the tv show For the People and since then appeared in multiple tv shows and films.

One of her most significant projects was the 2004 tv show The Big House, where she played the role of Eartha Cleveland. Are you a fan of the actress? Read more of this article to learn about Yvette Nicole Brown’s weight loss journey.

This article is about Yvette Nicole Brown’s weight loss details. Brown’s looks before and after weight loss.


Yvette Nicole Brown’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Yvette Nicole Brown after losing weight

Yvette Nicole Brown, after losing weight

Since her role with the hit comedy tv show Community, the actress noticed that she is continuously gaining weight. Yvette was seen getting more significant as the show progressed.

The actress confirmed this when she had an interview with the magazine People. She said that at first, she did not care about gaining weight.

But then, by the third season of the show, Shirley decided to get medical attention. She was diagnosed with type two diabetes.

The lovely woman decided to change her ways and begin slimming down her figure.

Yvette Nicole Brown’s Diet Plan

After being diagnosed with type two diabetes, Shirley started getting very anxious about what she ate. At first, Nicole was very scared, and she became very conscious of her food.

Because of this, she consulted a specialist and a dietitian to help her with her food intake. Fortunately, the actress is now living on a healthy meal plan prepared by doctors and experts.

She also said that the world we live in right now is very unhealthy because of the toxic food society. With her condition, she aims to raise awareness about having a diet plan and help others in need.

Yvette Nicole Brown’s Workout Routine

Being an actress and having a life-threatening health condition is very scary. In addition to this, the hectic schedule could be a hindrance to working out.

Luckily for Yvette, she had a particular workout plan that she strictly followed. It is also said that she got herself a private trainer after being diagnosed with diabetes.

Since diabetic patients are not advised to do strenuous activities, Ms. Brown focused on cardio to help her lose weight and to help in her medical condition. She also followed a scheduled plan to ensure efficiency in her workout.

Yvette Nicole Brown’s Before and After Looks

After having a long role in the tv show Community, Yvette decided to change her ways. Her character there was a mother who was studying in college.

And after her work there, it became very visible that Ms. Brown was losing weight. Although she is not on the slim side, her weight loss is still noticeable, especially with the confidence she gained after her journey.

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