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Home » Maurissa Gunn Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Maurissa Gunn Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Maurissa Gunn before and after her weight loss

Maurissa Gunn is a famous television personality from the United States of America. She had partaken in roles from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

She celebrates her birthday every 2nd day of July in the year 1996. Professionally, she identifies as a patient care coordinator.

People noticed the roller coaster weight loss journey of Maurissa Gunn. If you want to be updated, continue reading this Wikipedia-type article as we reveal further information about her.

This article is about Maurissa Gunn’s weight loss details. Gunn’s looks before and after weight loss.


Maurissa Gunn’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Maurissa Gunn after losing weight

Maurissa Gunn after losing weight

Growing up, Gunn did not have issues with her ample build because she described herself as big-boned thus, being skinny does not fit her. When she entered high school, she was scouted to be a participant in school pageants.

From thereon, she developed issues with herself that caused her to have an unhealthy relationship with her body. According to the actress, she developed body dysmorphia and eating disorders because of the harsh comments on her pictures online.

She decided that she needed to have a healthy relationship with her body when her grandfather talked to her. Maurissa said that she restarted her life by moving to Atlanta, where no one knew her.

Maurissa Gunn’s Diet Plan

Before engaging in her weight loss journey, Maurissa used to hate the idea of consuming fruits and vegetables because it’s all boring for her. However, when she discovered the magic of the said foods, she was able to build a healthy relationship with them, too.

Because of the wonders made by the food she chooses to consume, she is experimenting with what best fits her lifestyle. She said that she realized that they are not dull if you have the right recipe for you.

Maurissa Gunn’s Workout Routine

Image of Maurissa Gunn doing her work out routine

Maurissa Gunn doing her workout routine

When Gunn moved to Atlanta, she stated that she needed to work out twice a day so that she could reach her goal faster. However, it was tasking for her because she needed to keep tabs in order to track her progress.

Therefore, the reality television star decided to shift her way to the goal. She mentioned that she must focus on the progress and her happiness rather than the goal itself.

Through it, Maurissa would be able to reach her goal without too much pressure from herself. Additionally, her mindset shift caused her to be more active and engaged in ensuring that her dream would materialize.

According to sources, she attends the gym at least three to five days per week. Her favorite exercises are cardio and HITT, which are easy but burn fast.

Maurissa Gunn’s Before and After Looks

Being in the industry made people question how Maurissa Gunn managed to lose the excess fats she previously had. The actress said that it was a long and arduous journey, but she could not be happier with what she discovered along the way.

Currently, she has already lost more or less 80 pounds since she restarted her life in Atlanta. The biggest lesson she got was that the goal must not be hard to attain if you are happy during the process.

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