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Akbar V Weight Loss: Journey, Surgery, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Akbar V before and after her weight loss

If you are a rap fan, you probably heard of the moniker Akbar V. She was born Valerie Raven on the 22nd day of August in 1989.

Currently, she is regarded as a singer, social media influencer, YouTube content creator, and rapper from the United States of America. She is also starring in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as of this writing.

She was a big woman when she entered the industry, which placed Akbar V’s weight loss journey in question. If you are curious about how she achieved her current body, continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more.

This article is about Akbar V’s weight loss details. V’s looks before and after weight loss.


Akbar V’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Akbar V after losing weight

Akbar V, after losing weight

Having access to the things she never knew she could afford, she realized that she needed to take care of her weight if she wanted everything to last. Being overweight puts her in a position where some roles are unavailable.

Also, people criticize her because of her size, which places her in the darkness. To prove those people wrong, she did her best to lose weight with her health as the top reason.

Akbar V’s Surgery

As an artist, Akbar V had some insecurities because society does not favor those of the larger size. According to sources, the actress did a lot of research before deciding to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery.

The medical procedure lessened her desire to consume food because her stomach was cut down to a smaller size. Thus, forcing her to change her eating habits would be helpful in her weight loss journey.

Akbar V’s Diet Plan

Previously, Akbar V found comfort in fast foods and soda because it was convenient for her. Because of her surgery, her diet plan was recommended by her doctors, who are not disclosed as of this writing.

Additionally, a specific diet plan is made to support a faster recovery from the operation. Because she had the privilege of surgery, she is now eating healthy to help her maintain her current number on the scale.

Akbar V’s Workout Routine

Image of Akbar V doing her work out routine

Akbar V is doing her workout routine.

After the gastric sleeve surgery, working out was impossible for the rapper. Therefore, she took the time to rest so that her body could recover.

Moreover, the composer makes sure to move regularly so that her blood will flow, which is also helpful in her healing. When she recovered from the said surgery, she tried her best to stay consistent with light workouts.

Akbar V Before and After Looks

The before and after looks of the social media personality are so different from each other. According to sources, she started her weight loss journey weighing 297 pounds.
After her operation and maintenance, she is now weighing 191 pounds. Her 106 pounds of weight loss is a huge step in starting her weight loss journey.
From there on, Akbar V made sure to maintain the ideal weight she achieved through surgery. It is not easy to recover from the medically assisted procedure and its cost.

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