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Home » Amanda Batula Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Amanda Batula Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Amanda Batula before and after her weight loss

If you have watched the reality show Summer House, you probably know who Amanda Batula is. She is part of the show where they spend time in Montauk.

Behind the cameras, Amanda is a graphic designer. She is also an online influencer with more than five hundred thousand followers on her social media accounts.

Want to know more about the Summer House star? Read this article about Amanda Batula’s weight loss journey.

This article is about Amanda Batula’s weight loss details. Batula’s looks before and after weight loss.


Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Amanda Batula after losing weight

Amanda Batula, after losing weight

Since her appearance in the reality show Summer House, Amanda has been in heat because of her bashers. She said that she had faced a lot of hate online about how she looked and her weight.

At first, the graphic designer did not care about any of this. But she realized that she needed to fix herself when she noticed that it was getting harder for her to move around freely.

After the show’s first season, Batula made it a goal to have a slimmer figure until the following season.

Amanda Batula’s Diet Plan

Image of Amanda Batula and her healthy diet

Amanda Batula and her healthy diet

Having a routine or pattern in eating every day is what intermittent fasting is. According to the beautiful influencer, she did this to improve her health and boost her weight loss.

She also said that taking bulletproof coffee has helped her a lot, especially on her fasting days, because it contains nutrients and fats that are considered healthy. Amanda also takes lunch late in the afternoon, somewhere around 3:00 pm.

Also, according to the reality tv star, drinking coffee with butter is very beneficial to her goal of losing twenty pounds. Her anecdotal statement seems to have worked because it is very prominent that the fantastic woman has lost weight ever since she started the journey.

In addition to this, Batula not only limited but totally blocked her sugar and carbs intake. But after achieving her body goals, she reverted back to eating carbs but slowly.

Amanda Batula’s Workout Routine

If you see Amanda Batula today, you would wonder what she did to get that look and body. That is the same question for people who wants to copy her workout routine.

Amanda has great physique after her journey. It is said that the graphic designer focused on compound movements in her workout routine.

She also trained her abdomen area more frequently than other muscle groups to achieve a toned abs section. With her strict diet and continuous workout, it was easy for her to have a slim body type.

Amanda Batula’s Before and After Looks

Amanda was already beautiful even before she lost weight. But after she revealed that she had lost more than twenty pounds, the graphic designer has been glowing ever since.

At one point, Batula became trending after she posted a sexy bikini image of herself on her Instagram account with more than five hundred thousand followers. The influencer also has a visible set of abs which is hard to achieve in a short span of time.

Now, Amanda said that she is more comfortable with her body, especially when she achieves what she calls a “dream body” for other people.

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