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Anansa Sims Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Anansa Sims before and after her weight loss

Anansa Sims is a well-known American model. Anansa appeared on The Talk in 2010, The Mo’Nique Show in 2009, and America’s Next Top Model in 2003.

Anansa was formerly wedded to David Patterson from 2010 to 2017. She is also the only child of the American model Beverly Johnson and Record Producer Danny Sims.

Furthermore, with her ex-husband David Patterson, they were blessed with three childrens; a daughter—Ava Brielle Patterson (born on July 6, 2011), two sons—David Bernard Patterson III (b. November 6, 2012), and Dean Danny Benjamin Patterson (b. June 20, 2014).

Moreover, Anansa also had a son Ashton Joseph Barnes, born on December 8, 2018, with her partner, Matt Barnes.

This article is about Anansa Sim’s weight loss details. Sims looks before and after weight loss.


Anansa Sims’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Anansa Sims after losing weight

Anansa Sims after losing weight

Despite the fact that her mother, Beverly Johnson, was a supermodel, she established her distinct brand in the modeling world. Her modeling journey was not simple, though.

She struggled to lose weight and was incredibly frail. Nonetheless, Anansa is now a successful model. Anansa experienced a tremendous weight loss phase in pursuing modeling.

She dropped more than 40 pounds when she auditioned. However, she was unable to secure a modeling job.

She proceeded with her education instead and got a position as a financial analyst. Anansa hadn’t tried modeling in a while, even though it had been many years since her first effort.

Anansa made another attempt to follow her dream of becoming a model. She then had success with Wilhelmina Models the second time.

Anansa Sims’ Weight Loss Surgery

According to the information we gathered, no reports indicate that she had surgery. Therefore, there is a high possibility that she did not have any weight-loss surgery.

She went through it naturally instead.

Anansa Sims’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

Anansa made no mention of or disclosures about her eating plan. When it comes to her weight loss journey, she seems way too private.

Anansa Sims’ Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Anansa Sims after doing her work out routine

Anansa Sims after doing her workout routine

Anansa gave very little information regarding her workout routine. She revealed using a belt zipper in one of her Instagram posts to maintain her lean body mass.

Through doing that, she loses 45 pounds.

Anansa Sims’ Before and After Weight Loss

Anansa has shed 45 pounds throughout her career. She currently weighs 70 kgs or 154 lbs.

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