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Home » Andrew Luck Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, and Illness

Andrew Luck Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, and Illness

Image of Andrew Luck before and after his weight loss

Andrew Austen Luck, commonly known as Andrew Luck, is a former football player from the USA. He played quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL for seven years.

During his time at Stanford, where he played college football, Andrew was among the most highly anticipated amateur talents. Luck won the Maxwell, Walter Camp, and Johnny Unitas Golden Arm awards as a senior. Because of his outstanding performance in college, the Colts selected him with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft in 2012. Andrew was born in Washington, DC, US, on September 12, 1989, and will turn 33 this year.

Continue reading to find out about Andrew Luck Weight Loss. Does he have an Illness? And before and After Weight Loss.

This article is about Andrew Luck’s weight loss details. Luck’s looks before and after weight loss.

Andrew Luck’s Weight LossĀ 

Image of Andrew Luck after his weight loss

Andrew Luck, after his weight loss

Andrew lost some weight, and it was seen by many. It was revealed that Andrew Luck was the man who looked like a thin dad in his 30s and something that many saw on ESPN just before the game started.

Since announcing his unexpected retirement from sports before the 2019 NFL season, Luck has been utterly absent from the spotlight. His followers didn’t identify him at first glance when they saw him on ESPN.

Some of his fans stated that they were unaware of who was speaking in the interview until Andrew began to answer questions. Some people refuse to believe that it is not Andrew.

After taking a beating throughout his brief but successful NFL career with the Colts, Andrew Luck decided that it was best for his body to retire from football at 29. He had a passion for competition, but the mental and physical toll of undergoing one rehabilitation program after another was too much for him.

Does Andrew Luck have an illness?

Because of his dramatic weight loss, Andrew’s fans are concerned that he may be suffering from some disease after seeing him on ESPN. Unfortunately, Andrew has not responded to the concerns and questions raised by his fans. Andrew has not mentioned his sickness in any previous posts or comments.

Even though some fans were worried about his appearance, others were relieved to see Andrew Luck smiling and seeming generally happy in his new role as a family man, free from the burden of football on his shoulders. Despite this, we assume that Andrew’s weight loss is due to following a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Let’s hold off until Andrew reveals whether or not he is suffering from any disease.

Andrew Luck Before and After Weight Loss

Andrew weighed 106kg while playing for the Indianapolis Colts, but after his weight loss, the former football player appears to have shed at least 20 pounds. Even though Luck is significantly thinner now, he seems much happier as he is now a family man.

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