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Home » Andy Reid Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Andy Reid Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Andy Reid before and after his weight loss

Andy Reid is a well-known NFL or National Football League football coach. In 2013, he was appointed as the head coach of Kansas City Chiefs; he has compiled a 103-42-0 record in his time in Kansas City Chiefs.

He also became a head coach for Philadelphia Eagles for twenty-four seasons and even in their first win. However, Andy was fired from Philadelphia Eagles for an unknown reason after the season of 2012.

His career did not end there as he led the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013 and until now. In 2019, the Kansas City Chiefs won against the San Francisco 49ers and received the Super Bowl with a record of 31-20.

During his career as a coach, Andy Reid achieved numerous awards and accomplishments, including the NFL’s coach of the Year in 2002, as he led the Eagles to win with a 12-5-0 record. He also coached a player named Michael Vick to an award-winning season and received the Comeback Player of the Year in 2019 during his time in the Philadelphia Eagles.

When he entered the Chiefs, he coached three players to win an award: Marcus Peters with AP Defensive Rookie of the Year and Eric Berry in 2015 with Comeback Player of the Year. In 2018, Patrick Mahomes won the Most Valuable Player and AP Offensive Player of the Year.

This article is about Andy Reid’s weight loss details. Reid’s looks before and after weight loss.


Andy Reid Weight Loss Journey

Image of Andy Reid after losing weight

Andy Reid after losing weight

In 2017, the Kansas City Chiefs’ official Twitter account posted that Andy Reid fell ill, but they rest assured the fans that the coach is in stable condition. Since then, Andy has been trying the best he can to improve his health.

The coach has been fighting a long battle about his struggles in body weight; his weight loss journey has been ups and downs. Rumors and gossip about Andy have been circulating on the internet that he underwent surgery; however, there are no official reports if he had had surgery before.

In 2021, Andy was hospitalized because of hydration. He was too busy to take good care of his health, but he was still trying what he could do.

Andy Reid Weight Loss Diet Plan

Andy Reid did not report any information about his diet plan. But perhaps, he did consume healthy foods to lose weight and made an effort to change his eating habits since foods are one of the keys to managing your weight properly.

Controlling over the meals you have is needed to lose weight.

Andy Reid Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Andy Reid as a football team coach

Andy Reid as a football team coach

Being a football team coach is not easy, and perhaps, doing his profession also contributed to his weight loss. Andy Reid also did not reveal his exercise routine, so we do not know if he underwent heavy exercise to lose so many pounds.

However, being in a field is already enough to shed weight as it already allows you to burn calories.

Andy Reid Before and After Weight Loss

Andy Reid might not be slimmed down like any other person, but at least he worked hard to be in better shape, which is already enough to be an excellent example of people who kept failing to lose weight. As he decided to lose weight, a lot of pounds had shed on his body.

Andy is a large man with a tremendous body and abdomen, and since he managed to lose weight, his body has slimmed down. He lost his excess weight of 60 pounds and still continued fighting his weight issues.

His current weight is around 194 pounds or approximately 87 kilograms.


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