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Ann Dowd Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Ann Dowd before and after the weight loss

Ann Dowd is one of the American actresses with a superb performance in every role she gets into. Her character as the cruel Aunt Lydia in The Handmaid’s Tale made her find fame. She is an excellent actress that could get under the skin of people watching the series.

Her career began years ago, spanning more than three decades now. She appeared in around 45 films, had many television series, and had gone to theatre plays.

However, people most recognize her portrayal in The Leftovers and The Handmaid’s Tale. Since she was a child, Ann Dowd already had a passion for acting.

After her hardwork and giving all her outstanding performances, she landed a role that made her climb to the top. Even though her father is against it, she still pursues entering show business.


Ann Dowd’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Ann Dowd after she lose weight

Being in a popular television show, people could not help but look up to every character in the show. And Ann Dowd has one of the well-known characters in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Over time, netizens notice some changes in the actress’ body. Not in a negative way, but a positive difference. Ann Dowd suddenly slimmed down, and they could not help but be happy for the actress as she started looking younger than her age.

In her interview in The Bare Magazine, she claimed that she is trying to improve her health and reveal her secret to losing pounds.

Ann Dowd’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

No pain, no gain; this is Ann Dowd’s quote for her sacrifice during her weight loss journey. She stated that her diet plan was strictly measured in her first eight weeks of the process.

Ann Dowd also revealed that there are times that she goes to bed with a hungry stomach. This was all Ann Dowd’s only revealed diet plan, and we can see her weight loss progress.

In her diet plan, she lessens her amount of starch, sugar and bread. The foods that she mostly consumes are protein-based and vegetables.

Ann Dowd’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

As much as we want to know the actress’s exercise routine, she did not say anything about it. We could not distinguish if she had workouts. Ann Dowd’s age must become a hindrance on her to exercise routine.

However, these are just some assumptions by netizens. We will provide further information about her exercise routine once she reveals something.

Ann Dowd’s Before and After Weight Loss

In the early season of The Handmaid’s Tale, we can see that Ann Dowd’s body is fleshy and heavy. She shed 40 pounds, and that mass is enough to make people notice the changes.

Although her cheekbones are visible, her jawline, when she looks sideways, is unnoticeable. In 2020, she appeared in The Bare Magazine, showing off her youthful look.

She actress has caught so many eyes, and she is suddenly the talk of the town. She became thinner than before, and her jawline is now quite evident.

Clothing with chic outfits makes her look younger despite her old age. Ann Dowd amazingly weighed down 132 pounds or 60 kilograms.

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