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Home » Bailey Sarian Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Exercise Routine, and Before and After Looks

Bailey Sarian Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Exercise Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Bailey Sarian before and after her weight loss

Bailey Sarian is a famous YouTube content creator with videos mostly comprised of stories on the dark side. According to sources, she is the one who started the genre of actual crime makeup in the platform she currently thrives in.

Her Murder, Mystery, and Makeup series gain audiences because of her exciting stories, which are either solved or are still a mystery. Bailey started her podcast entitled Dark History to elaborate further on the stories she wants to tell.

Continue reading to know more about Bailey Sarian’s weight loss journey. This Wikipedia-type article includes details about her exercise routine, diet plan, and before and after looks.

This article is about Bailey Sarian’s weight loss details. Sarian’s looks before and after weight loss.


Bailey Sarian’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Bailey Sarian after she lose weight

Bailey Sarian after she loses weight

The weight loss journey of Bailey Sarian has been documented in her social media accounts. According to her, she did not intend to lose weight until Covid-19 came.

She defined 2020 as a year full of bad luck because someone from their family succumbed to death. That is the reason why she lost a certain amount of weight.

Their family traveled to Europe when the series of lockdowns were implemented. That is where their misery started because they had nowhere to go in the place they were previously in.

The content creator said that she forgot to take care of herself because of what had been happening around her. Because of her sudden weight loss, her followers wondered if she underwent surgery to slim down that fast.

Bailey Sarian’s Diet Plan

After what happened in Europe, she decided to make it up to herself by eating healthily. The YouTube content creator encourages her followers to do the same.

Because of Covid-19, she realized how important health is to people. Since then, her diet plan has not more than 1500 calories daily.

Her diet plan has been effective because the change in her weight is noticeable in her videos. The YouTuber inspired many people to look after their health, especially now that we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

Bailey Sarian’s Workout Routine

Bailey is open about working out regularly to maintain her beautiful and healthy figure. However, she did not share what specific workout routine she was following.

Furthermore, it is effective because her weight loss journey has been commended because of its efficacy. Once the exercise routine is disclosed for the public’s knowledge, we will update this article.

Bailey Sarian’s Before and After Looks

Being a YouTuber has given her the privilege to document the moments in her life. This gives her an overview of how she was doing in the previous months.

Her weight loss journey has been evident, especially to the people following her regular uploads. It may start as something unintentional, but she decided to continue it because she saw its impact on her life.

Since then, she has been happier and livelier during her contents. Living healthily and intently made her a better person than she was.

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