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Home » Chelsea Houska Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Chelsea Houska before and after her weight loss

Chelsea Houska DeBoer is a television personality and businesswoman who gained recognition in the series Teen Mom 2, which follows drama with her ex-partner. In February, Chelsea announced on her Instagram that she is expected to star together with her husband, Cole DeBoer, in a documentary show of HGTV Farmhouse Fabulous that will air in spring 2023.

The show will document Chelsea’s family as they raise their children and run their home. The filming began, and their fans could not help but be excited about their appearance in the show.

Farmhouse Fabulous will have a total of six episodes. Being a mother was not easy, but with the help of her husband, they had a partnership in the clothing line Itzy Ritzy.

Chelsea is also an influencer wherein she promotes the clothing brand, Fabletics. Aside from being a famous personality, she completed her studies in beauty school and got her GED.

This article is about Chelsea Houska’s weight loss details. Houska’s looks before and after weight loss.

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Journey

Image of Chelsea Houska after losing weight

Chelsea Houska after losing weight

Who would not want to be looked beautiful and striking in the aisle? Well, Chelsea Houska is one of the brides who made an effort to lose weight for her special day. She confidently shared how other celebrities were instantly curious about how she shed weight.

Chelsea already has children; that’s why some were amazed by her determination. Chelsea posts her picture on social media; fans notice the changes in her appearance.

Some expressed concern because she was getting skinnier, but some thought she looked great. She was hesitant to share her program since she did not know if that would be effective for some.

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Diet Plan

Image of Chelsea Houska and her favorite healthy subscription diet plan

Chelsea Houska and her favorite healthy subscription diet plan

When she first started her weight loss journey, Chelsea followed the MOM program that ensures a healthy lifestyle while pregnant. She was expecting her fourth child then, so the profile plan is a great help for her to reduce weight.

Chelsea often meets a certified coach from MOM to ensure her meal plan. She learned from MOM that to maintain her weight, she served her family healthy foods and monitored her meals.

Chelsea eliminated junk foods at that time, but since all she needs to do is maintain her weight, she can eat her favorite dishes now.

Chelsea Houska Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Chelsea Houska did not say anything about her exercise routine. That’s why we are unsure if Chelsea has ever followed some everybody or workouts for her weight loss journey.

But there are some photos of her doing some heavy weight lifting, so it is safe to say that she might be exercising to maintain her weight.

Chelsea Houska Before and After Weight Loss

The actress’ body became plump as she gave birth to her kids. That’s why before her special day came, she decided to be slim by reducing her weight.

She successfully shed 50 pounds in a short time, which made people around her seek answers to how she achieved her body instantly. Chelsea Houska gladly shared what she has done, especially her profile plan that made a considerable contribution to her body.

Chelsea looked younger than ever in her physical transformation; her body became fit and more stunning. Her weight before her journey to reduce weight was 166 pounds, and she eventually shed weight to 115 pounds.

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