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Chloe Agnew Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Chloe Agnew before and after her weight loss

Chloe Alexandra Adele Emily Agnew is famous for being a singer and a composer from Ireland. She rose to prominence because of her part in the Celtic Woman group.

She was born in 1989 in Knocklyon, Dublin, Ireland, to musician parents. It seems like she was destined to be an entertainer, born to an entertainer mother and an oboist father.

To know more about her weight loss journey, continue reading this Wikipedia-type article. Read further because we have all the information, including her journey, diet plan, workout routine, and before and after looks.

This article is about Chloe Agnew’s weight loss details. Agnew’s looks before and after weight loss.


Chloe Agnew’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Chloe Agnew after losing weight

Chloe Agnew, after losing weight

As someone who has been in the spotlight for the entirety of her life, Chloe resorted to a sedentary lifestyle because of her tightly packed schedule. Before, she did not pay enough attention to her health but growing up; she changed perspectives.

Being in the industry since she was young, many people are invested in her life. One of the top topics when it comes to her is her weight.

Followers of her family mutually agree that she looks beautiful; however, they expressed that she would be prettier if she were slimmer. The musician is aware of criticisms as such; that is why she decided to lose some pounds.

Furthermore, she has been committed to losing weight because of health reasons. The composer wants to take care of her health as early as possible to not suffer in the later years of her life.

Chloe Agnew’s Diet Plan

To further assist her road to weight loss, she has established a diet plan to ensure that she is fueling her body correctly. One of the most critical steps in her journey is cutting off junk foods completely.

According to sources, the composer is doing her best to eat homemade meals only. The foods ordered from fast foods consume a lot of preservatives which contributes to people’s weight gain.

Her diet plan mainly consists of green tea extracts and light meals as her first meal of the day. Moreover, other meals of the singer must contain vegetables to promote a balanced diet.

Because of being committed to weight loss, she has been disciplined in following her diet plan. As a result, her body showed a drastic change credit to her balanced food intake.

Chloe Agnew’s Workout Routine

Image of Chloe Agnew doing boxing for weight loss

Chloe Agnew is doing boxing for weight loss

The composer has been open about her journey to fitness. Her workout routine comprises weightlifting, biking, walking, and yoga.

She is trying to make her body move as much as possible to complement her diet plan. With the help of a professional coach, the singer is guided to move on the right track towards her goal.

Chloe Agnew’s Before and After Looks

As a public figure, Chloe has been criticized for her unhealthy weight gain. That is why when she decided to change her lifestyle and perspective, she went from 160 pounds to 140 pounds in just a certain number of months.

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