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Home » Chunkz Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Chunkz Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Chunkz before and after his weight loss

Amin Mohammed is known as Chunkz, who is famous for being a content creator on YouTube and the crowd’s darling. Additionally, he is working as a host because of his charms.

The content creator was previously a music artist but decided to take advantage of the benefits of the online video streaming platform. He rose to prominence with the help of Beta Squad, a YouTube group aimed at helping those who are still starting.

Since people have been looking into his life, they noticed that Chunkz went through a weight loss journey. If you want to discover more about it, read this Wikipedia-type article to know more.

This article is about Chunkz’s weight loss details. Chunkz’s looks before and after weight loss.

Chunkz’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Chunkz after losing weight

Chunkz’s after losing weight

Collaborating with another content creator helps another YouTuber to grow their channel. For Chunkz to widen his network, he teamed with Yung Filly for a music video.

Before the shooting, Filly and he started going around to source clothes that would fit their concept best. That was the moment when the entertainer realized that weight loss is already a necessity.

He admitted that he was envious of his collaborator because he could fit in whatever clothes he wanted. On the other hand, Chunks is limited to clothes his size, affecting his confidence.

The musician did not let the bad experience hinder him from doing his best. Therefore, he decided that he should take losing weight seriously to have better life options.

Chunkz’s Diet Plan

According to Chunkz, he has been trying to lose weight for a long time ago. However, discipline is hard to impose because of the industry he is in.

He admittedly said that he had tried everything already, but he failed to succeed because he lacked discipline before. Additionally, he said that the fundamentals of dieting are the most helpful, specifically calorie deficiency.

Furthermore, he said that eggs, chicken breast, vegetables, fruits, and fish helped him lose weight faster than he expected. Also, increased water intake became a factor in subtracting numbers from his previous weight.

Chunkz’s Workout Routine

Image of Chunkz playing soccer to stay fit

Chunkz is playing soccer to stay fit

Some sources claim that Chunkz signed up for The Gym Group, which helps beginners to start their weight loss journey without feeling awkward. The content creator said that his initial workout routine started with HITT and lots of cardio because he had to lose fat.

He advanced to a weight training program when he trained his body to move frequently, which was vital in his weight loss journey. Additionally, being with people with the same goal and mindset helped him stay disciplined and consistent on his journey.

Chunkz Before and After Looks

The initial weight of Chunkz was not disclosed, but it was discovered that he lost approximately 42 pounds of fat during his training. He said his family and friends were vital in his weight loss journey because they kept him motivated.

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