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Home » Cristela Alonzo Weight Loss. Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan.

Cristela Alonzo Weight Loss. Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan.

Image of Cristela Alonzo before and after her weight loss

Cristela Alonzo is a renowned comedian-actress, writer, and producer from the USA. She is the first Latina woman to produce and perform in her US primetime comedy.

She did so by producing, writing, and starring in the ABC sitcom Cristela, which she also created. Cristela began performing stand-up comedy in 2003, the same year her mother passed away.

At the time, she worked as an office manager at Addison Improv. According to the renowned comedian, she started performing stand-up comedy to talk about her mom and her family and to process the sadness she felt after her mother’s death.

Learn more about Cristela Alonzo’s weight loss journey before and after looks, and see if she went through surgery! Also, discover Cristela’s diet plan and workout routine.

Cristela Alonzo’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Cristela Alonzo after her weight loss

Cristela Alonzo, after her weight loss.

In the year 2014, Cristela discussed the process of losing the weight she went through. It started with a post stating that she had dropped significantly one size in her clothing, and the mere fact that she had achieved this goal made her feel fantastic on its own.

She went on to say that this accomplishment alone made her feel great. She asserted that the path would not be simple but would become somewhat less challenging as it progressed.

At that point in time, Cristela was so committed to her diet, which was abundant in fruits and vegetables, that she had begun to despise the foods she had previously enjoyed eating. The renowned comedian went on to advise her followers through her post that she could not endure the taste of specific components of her prior diet and that she was disappointed in herself for doing so.

Cristela had previously discussed her initial weight-loss journey and her goal to stay within a weight range of 150 pounds in the days to come while she was talking about it.

Did Cristela Alonzo go through Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Cristela didn’t do any surgery regarding weight loss. However, the main reason for her weight loss is due to a medical issue known as diabetes. In 2018, one of Alonzo’s followers responded to a tweet stating that Alonzo’s Latina aunts would blame her thin figure because she is still single.

In answer, Alonzo revealed that she had rapidly begun dropping weight because she came dangerously close to passing away the previous year. She went on to elaborate that she did not start her weight loss journey to improve her appearance.

The famous actress said she had diabetes, so she had to monitor her diet and weight continuously.

Cristela Alonzo’s Diet Plan 

Unfortunately, Cristela still has not shared her diet plan. However, as a person with diabetes, she must have consumed a nutritious meal to maintain her diet and make her body healthier.

Cristela Alonzo’s Workout Routine

Given that she has diabetes, she likely engages in frequent physical activity, such as jogging and other light workouts, to maintain or improve her health. The well-known actress has, sadly, not yet divulged the details of her exercise routine to the general public.

Cristela Alonzo’s Before and After Weight Loss

After obtaining diabetes, the acclaimed actress has shed a lot of pounds and shared that she wants to keep her weight at 150lbs. And looking at her recent pictures, she looks fitter and healthier at 68kg from 81kg.

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