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Home » Denise Borino Quinn Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Denise Borino Quinn Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Denise Borino Quinn before and after her weight loss

The American television actress, Denise Borino Quinn, was born on January 6, 1964, and unfortunately died on October 27, 2010, at 46. She was born in Roseland, New Jersey, and died in Morriston, New Jersey.

She manages to have a personal life; the only known fact about her early life is that she graduated from West Essex High School. Denise was a simple Roseland native in Bordentown and had no acting experience.

She was hired to play the iconic Ginny Sacrimoni, known as New York’s mob boss, Johnny Sack’s wife, with a weight problem for the television series The Sopranos. During her eulogy, it is revealed that she attended that casting call to support her childhood friend simply, but destiny has its ways, and she was a cast for the HBO show.

She shared before in an interview how the show and popularity affect her simple life. When she and her husband are having a meal at Chickie’s and Pete’s in Jersey or South Phillypeople will approach and recognize her for her role as Ginny Sack

This article is about Denise Borino Quinn’s weight loss details. Quinn’s looks before and after weight loss.


Denise Borino Quinn Weight Loss Journey

Image of Denise Borino Quinn after losing weight

Denise Borino Quinn after losing weight

There are no sufficient details or interviews about her weight loss journey or if she indeed goes through one. There is no way to get it from her anymore, but when her family, relatives, or close friends disclose her previous lifestyle, we will update this article to reduce or maintain her weight loss.

Denise Borino Quinn Weight Loss Surgery

Right after the series of The Sopranos ended, the mafia wife, Denise Borino Quinn, lost 175 pounds of her weight. With the help of science and technology, she undergoes stomach Stapling surgery.

It is uncertain when she exactly pushed through the surgery, but this surgery is one of the oldest types of bariatric surgery. Possibly Denise Quinn has a hard time naturally losing weight through diet, exercise, or medication.

But this procedure was popular 20 years ago, and it is rarely done today since there are more advanced and effective bariatric procedures with fewer complications as options. Despite losing weight, her fans can still recognize the actress.

Denise Borino Quinn Weight Loss Diet Plan

The concept of a diet plan was not as emerged before compared to now, so it is speculated that she to maintain her weight and, as part of her post-surgery precautions, lean to healthier meal plans.

Denise Borino Quinn Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

There are no details about Denise Borino Quinn’s exercise routine. Once more information resurfaces about it, we will update this article.

Denise Borino Quinn Before and After Weight Loss

Since The Sopranos concluded in 2007, Denise lost 175 pounds with stomach stapling, but fans can still recognize her. Denise’s husband, Luke Quinn Jr., died in March 2010; seven months later, she also died.

Due to liver cancer, the television actress, at the age of 46, surrendered her life.

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