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Don Lemon Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Don Lemon before and after his weight loss

Don Lemon is a prominent figure due to his work as a journalist. Currently, he is working in Cable News Network, Incorporated, famously known as CNN.

Before landing a job in the famous network, he worked as a correspondent in local stations in Pennsylvania and Alabama. After gaining knowledge, he got lucky to be accepted by the National Broadcasting Company or NBC as a reporter during their nighttime segment.

The multi-awarded journalist was evident to have shed some weight while appearing regularly on the cable network’s segments. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about his weight loss journey, which includes his workout routine, diet plan, and before and after looks.

This article is about Don Lemon’s weight loss details. Lemon’s looks before and after weight loss.


Don Lemon’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Don Lemon after losing weight

Don Lemon, after losing weight

The weight loss journey of the famous journalist occurred because of his sister’s death at the age of 58. He feared that he might pass away at that particular age due to his sedentary lifestyle.

The death of the anchor’s sister awakened something inside him to change his way of living. After mourning Leisa’s death, that is when he kickstarted his journey to weight loss.

Don Lemon’s Diet Plan

Don Lemon is admittedly drawn to junk foods as a privilege given by his line of work. The convenience provided by processed foods helped him a lot, primarily through days when a lot had to be done.

He was aware that he enjoyed his youth too much and that he had to do a lot of altering now that he is already 56 years of age. Therefore, giving up fried foods was specifically hard for him.

As a sign of aging, he realized that his diet must change to give his body the nutrients it needed. It was not easy, but he managed to be consistent, thus the apparent change in his physical appearance.

Don Lemon’s Workout Routine

The CNN correspondent has been open about his weight loss journey. However, his workout routine was not disclosed to the public.

It was assumed that he focuses on cardio to strengthen his heart and lungs. He once said that walking was the most convenient and easiest way to shed some pounds.

His journey was successful because his diet and routines complemented each other. Furthermore, he said that showing up daily for himself is an excellent motivation to stay on the right track.

Don Lemon’s Before and After Looks

The news reporter seems happier and vibrant after shedding some pounds off his body. He appeared to be more confident than ever since he had been eating clean.

He said that he lost 25 pounds of weight on his journey and is aiming for more. Nevertheless, the goal of the previous NBC reporter was to live healthily, and losing weight was just a bonus for him.

Because of the confidence boost is given by his dedication, people are more drawn to him because he looks so radiant, especially on television. He mentioned that he still has a lot of improvement to do, but he is happy that something is already happening.

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