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Home » Eleanor Neale Weight Loss: Before and After Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Surgery.

Eleanor Neale Weight Loss: Before and After Weight Loss, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan, Surgery.

Image of Eleanor Neale before and after of weight loss

Suppose you are a fan of watching makeup videos and interested in following makeup tutorials. In that case, you might as well be familiar with Eleanor Neale, a British YouTuber is known for her makeup videos where she showcases her love for her craft and talent for content creation.

Eleanor Neale was born on the 24th of January 1999 in Yorkshire. She said that one of her aspirations, especially in makeup, was James Charles, and she started her channel back in 2016 for the reason that she fell in love with it.

This British YouTuber had accumulated about two million subscribers on the same platform. Her interest started when she had been binge-watching the same content on Netflix.

It was not only makeup content Eleanor Neale could produce in her channel. She even tried making videos about crime stories and suspenseful documentaries.

One of her crime videos that viewers loved on YouTube was The Tragic Death Of Amanda Todd: Stalked, Blackmailed, and Harassed.


Eleanor Neale’s Weight Loss Journey 

image of Eleanor Neale in black dress

Fans know of Eleanor Neale’s weight, but the YouTuber seemed unconcerned about it. People may regard her as curvaceous or overweight.

Neale stated it herself and believed herself to be nothing more than a chubby person, and people admired her confidence. Since the YouTuber had always been passionate about her craft of creating makeup tutorials and crime documentary videos, fans were shocked by her drastic weight loss.

It was so obvious that they speculated whether or not she had undergone some procedures. Still, one thing is for sure, Eleanor was more confident and comfortable with her body. 

Despite the tremendous change, Eleanor was not able to keep her fans on track with what happened and how she was able to lose a lot of weight, but her efforts are truly admirable, and we appreciate her effort for it.

Eleanor Neale’s Weight Loss Surgery

 One thing that fans were sure about was how quickly Eleanor Neale had lost weight, and they said, “that is just impossible!” Fans speculated that Eleanor Neale may have undergone a few procedures and opted for weight loss surgery for a quick transformation.  

Eleanor Neale had not said anything about having procedures, but we respect her decision if she feels that is the best for her body and if that will make her even more confident.

Eleanor Neale’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

As her weight loss was so quick, Neale may have implemented a diet plan into her routine. Although we clearly cannot provide any details about her routine, what she did was effective, and fans cannot help but notice her abrupt change in look, as she is as lovely as before.

Eleanor Neale’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

 Aside from a possible diet routine, Neale may have been exercising to get into shape. Although there are speculations that she went under the knife to reduce her weight, we can consider that Eleanor Neale might have a diet plan and an exercise routine to follow. 

Eleanor Neale’s Before and After Weight Loss

 Her weight loss was a shock, and fans could not help but comment on her social media about how much weight had been reduced from her body. Her belly appears slimmer, her thighs and legs smaller in size, and her arms are lowered.  

Image of Eleanor Neale before and after of weight loss

Eleanor Neale before and after weight loss

Her beautiful face had popped out as her facial features became more prominent, as fats from her face were reduced. Makeup complimented her look even more, but we must agree that she had always been beautiful without losing weight.

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