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Home » Erica Campbell Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Erica Campbell Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Erica Campbell before and after her weight loss

Erica Monique Campbell is famous for being a music artist, composer, and preacher in the United States of America. Her professional career started with the rise of the gospel music group called Mary Mary with her sister Tina Campbell.

She tried her luck as a solo artist, wherein she luckily succeeded. Her most notable works are published with the help of Entertainment One Music which gained her the Best Gospel Album Grammy Award.

Being in the spotlight for a long time, her weight is a frequent topic during interviews. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type write-up to learn more about her weight loss journey and results.

This article is about Erica Campbell’s weight loss details. Campbell’s looks before and after weight loss.


Erica Campbell’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Erica Campbell after her weight loss

Erica Campbell, after her weight loss

The weight of Erica Campbell has been the onlookers’ usual topic. Although there is a part in here that wants to shed some pounds to appear nicely on the outside, she mentioned that she started living healthy for the sake of her family.

She said that she wants to see her family reach their personal milestone. Furthermore, taking care of her body is also a way to thank God for the blessing of life.

Additionally, the singer said that she could still live long with her previous lifestyle. Still, she would most likely live miserably due to the problems brought about by her sedentary lifestyle.

Erica has been motivated to pursue her goal of weight loss because she believes that life is God’s greatest gift. Also, she wants to serve as an inspiration for those who want to cut off excess fats.

Erica Campbell’s Diet Plan

The famous gospel preacher did not disclose anything about her diet plan. However, it was assumed that she was going through a calorie deficit diet.

Due to her weight, the calories digested by her body must be limited. She said that she wants to eat right to avoid the possible health problems caused by her previous lifestyle.

Campbell said that she was lucky because her sister is a personal trainer who created routines that are fit to her needs. She said that it’s hard to stop herself from eating because she is the one assigned in the kitchen, but she was able to manage because her eyes were on her goal

Erica Campbell’s Workout Routine

Erica’s age is considered old; that is why hitting the gym has been hard for her. Thanks to her sister, Alana, who became her personal trainer in her journey to weight loss.

Erica said that it takes a lot of discipline and patience not to return to her old ways. Fortunately, the people around her have been very supportive of her goal.

Erica Campbell’s Before and After Looks

The composer’s public appearance shocked many people because of the difference she made in just a span of months. She said that the encouraging words from the people who were there for her helped her achieve her current weight.

According to Campbell, she started at 184 pounds, and now she is 169 pounds. Her goal is to reach 150 pounds which she will maintain from there on.

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