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Gina Rodriguez Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks 

Image of Gina Rodriguez before and after her weight loss

If you have watched the show Jane, the Virgin, then you know who Gina Rodriguez is. She starred in The CW TV series, where she played the role of Jane Villanueva.

Her real name is Gina Alexis Rodriguez, and she was born on the thirtieth day of July in 1984. Because of her outstanding performance in romantic drama, Gina was awarded a Golden Globe Award.

After her time with the show, she also appeared in numerous films and tv shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Elena of Avalor.

Are you a fan of Jane the Virgin? Read more about Gina Rodriguez’s weight loss journey.

This article is about Gina Rodriguez’s weight loss details. Rodriguez’s looks before and after weight loss.


Gina Rodriguez’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Gina Rodriguez after losing weight

Gina Rodriguez, after losing weight

At first, there was no plan for reducing weight. Because Gina was considered average weight, she ignored her body.

But when she got sick after shooting the pilot episode of her show, she reportedly lost more than fifteen pounds. According to the actress, the flu was the cause of her weight loss, but she was skeptical about this.

Fortunately, when she got better, Rodriguez continued living healthy and did not stop her weight loss journey.

Gina Rodriguez’s Diet Plan

At first, Gina tried a lot of different specific diet plans that she thought would help her. She avoided many foods, such as junk foods and other high-calorie-containing foods.

According to the actress, she was tempted to stray away from her strict food diet a lot of times. But even if it was difficult, she pushed through it and achieved her dream body.

She also said that having a lot of fruits was the key to her flourishing abs. Besides lean meat, high-protein vegetables are something the actress relies on daily.

Gina Rodriguez’s Workout Routine

Image of Gina Rodriguez doing Muay Thai to stay fit

Gina Rodriguez is doing Muay Thai to stay fit

Working out for an actress may seem hard at first, especially for the Jane the Virgin star. It is reported that the lovely woman preferred going to the gym five times a week.

She focused on weight lifting and did a little bit of cardio. In an interview, the actress also said that Muay Thai was very helpful in building muscles.

Besides Muay Thai, Gina also did a lot of mountains or rock climbing. She said that her cores are much more engaged in the sport, which she enjoyed.

She also encouraged other women to get into shape while doing the things they love. The actress considers herself an engine that she keeps healthy to avoid mishaps.

Gina Rodriguez’s Before and After Looks

In an Instagram post seen by thousands of followers of the actress, we can see that her overall body got toned. She took her weight loss very seriously.

Before suddenly losing more than fifteen pounds, Jane or Gina was not that big. Her body type leans more toward normal.

But after everything she did, especially controlling her food intake, the actress can now be considered slim or thin. Her abs are also easily detectable.

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