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Home » Jacob Lowe Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Jacob Lowe Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Jacob Lowe before and after the weight loss

Jacob “Buck” Lowe is popularly known as Buck by his fans, but the guy goes with the name Jake. He is shortly known for his works in Mountain Monsters, but no updates about his on-screen project circulated among the fans.

While on indefinite leave from the limelight, Lowe steadily improved in many aspects. Most notably, he has a fitter physique now.

He is healthy and is known to focus more on enhancing his acting career. Despite being popular, little information about Jacob’s life is known to the public.

He did his best to keep a low-profile life, resulting in little to almost no information about him. He also does not have any social media to connect with.

The only known fact about him is that he was born in West Virginia. It might be due to his work, but he is greatly familiar with mountain terrains, and another recognizable feature about him is his size.

He put great effort into improving his health and was eventually married to Christine Stein last May 12, 2018, in Omaha, Nebraska, United States of America. It is also unknown if the couple already bore a child since both are private persons.

Information about their family will be disclosed soon, and we’ll update this article if that day comes. How did Jacob Lowe Weight? This article will examine his diet, exercise routine, and weight loss procedures.


Jacob Lowe’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jacob Lowe after the weight loss

Jacob Lowe, after the weight loss.

Jacob Lowe undeniably weighs a lot, and due to this, it is unavoidable that health problems might arise due to his weight. Fortunately, Lowe was alarmed by his doctor and motivated by his health status.

He started to control his massive weight because it is crucial for his health. His hard work bore, and he successfully shed considerable weight.

Jacob Lowe’s Diet Plan

As part of controlling his weight, Jacob Lowe becomes disciplined about his diet. As much as he could, he avoided junk foods, as advised by the doctor.

He also became more active and exercised. He also limits his meat and dairy products intake. He was taking vitamins through fresh fruits.

With his lifestyle, he steadily improved his health and is now better. Jacob is also known to limit vices like drinking and carbohydrate consumption.

Other than the things said specific details about his diet are still private.

Jacob Lowe’s Exercise Routine to Loss Weight

Aside from having a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, Jacob balanced his life through various exercises. He walks every morning and registered for a gym where he mainly lifts and does cardio exercises.

Jacob Lowe’s Before and After Weight Loss

As fans have noticed, Jacob Lowe has successfully shed 30 pounds from his weight. Although he never confirmed if he lost the amount of weight, people speculated it was due to the doctor’s advice for him.

Comparing his first appearance in Mountain Monsters and now, the change in his physique is evident and deserves to be acknowledged.

He is still maintaining his weight loss journey routines and keeps on improving day by day.

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