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Home » Janet Montgomery Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Janet Montgomery Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Janet Montgomery before and after her weight loss

The TV actress Janet Ruth Montgomery was born on the 29th of October in 1985 and was from Bournemouth, Dorset, England. She began her entertainment career in 1997 when she became a dancer.

Since then, the 36-year-old English film actress has been active in the industry and showcasing her talent for almost 25 years. Janet gained much popularity for her role in the films The Hills Run Red in 2009, Black Swan, In A Relationship, and This is Us.

She also had the lead role in Made in Jersey in 2012. Her breakthrough role is as Ames for the second season of the famous Fox television series Human target from 2010 until 2011.

For three years, from 2014 to 2017, she portrays Mary Sibley, the lead character in Salem, a supernatural horror series. In 2018 she took the role of Lauren Bloom in New Amsterdam, an NBC medical drama series.

This article is about Janet Montgomery’s weight loss details. Montgomery’s looks before and after weight loss.


Janet Montgomery Weight Loss Journey

Image of Janet Montgomery after losing weight

Janet Montgomery after losing weight

Due to the nature of her job, Janet being a subject of talk about her physique and weight loss is never new. Fans are the first to notice even the slightest change in her appearance, especially when the New Amsterdam Season 3 premiered.

Fans became curious about whether or not Janet had lost some weight. Regularly, Janet updates her fans through Instagram, and fans can see her changes through her posts.

Although it is not a significant change, we can say that she experiences marginal changes that are normal for everyone. Despite not confirming anything, just by seeing her before and after pictures, fans can notice her slimmer look.

She puts effort into achieving her desired shape and losing weight.

Janet Montgomery Weight Loss Diet Plan

Since she never addressed anything about her weight loss journey, the specific diet plan she follows is hard to find, but we have a glimpse of what her diet typically consists of. Janet makes sure to eat healthy and nutritious items to fulfill her metabolism and needs.

She always intakes foods high in proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Janet also mentioned before she likes having cottage cheese and sweet potatoes and never leaves out black tea.

Janet Montgomery Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Janet Montgomery doing boxing to stay fit

Janet Montgomery is doing boxing to stay fit.

Having a proper diet must be equipped with exercise. Although Janet as an actress, requires a busy lifestyle, she never forgets to exercise.

She believes that being active will aid her in burning the unnecessary fats and calories she had. Although not explicitly discussed, Janet takes it whenever and wherever there’s an opportunity to do her exercise routine.

Janet Montgomery Before and After Weight Loss

Janet Montgomery’s before and after pictures are flaunted on her Instagram account, and she now has a slimmer and fitter physique than before. Her gradual weight loss can be due to her passion for acting.

As an actress, she wants to fit herself enough to portray and stand out in her roles. She works hard to maintain her shape, beauty, and overall physical health by practicing a healthy and controlled lifestyle.

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