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Jenna Compono Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Jenna Compono before and after of weight loss

American model Jenna Compono was born on December 31, 1992 in New York City. She was known for being cast on the reality TV show The Challenge.

We can all agree that this reality star is a head-turner, with her beautiful appearance, long blonde hair matched with a pair of grey eyes, and an hourglass figure. At an early age, she had been modelling for brands, and people at her school loved her for her pretty looks.

To sustain her education, Jenna Compono had to work jobs to provide for herself. She had been a babysitter and worked as a secretary. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Nassau Community College.

And eventually made her appearance on-screen on MTV’s Real World (2014). Then later gained her popularity from her participation in the reality TV show The Challenge (2015) and stayed in the show for three seasons.


Jenna Compono’s Weight Loss Journey 

Image of Jenna Compono in white dress

Jenna Compono had always loved being fit; she had a strict diet and went to the gym to maintain her shape. However, due to an accident during the show, she had an ankle injury in 2017, and fans noticed how much muscle weight in her body was reduced.

When she was taking her time to rest and recover, her training was postponed. Thus her figure was not as bulky as before, resulting in a slimmer body and slight weight loss. 

She had resided at the Peak Performance in Wantagh throughout her recovery. Jenna described her ankle injury as extremely painful as movements in her legs and feet were limited, and she had problems walking and had taken the time to rest.

Jenna Compono’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

It is no secret that Jenna Compono has body goals. With her tall height and long legs, her body is fit, and her figure can be described as slim with an hourglass figure due to her tiny waist.

As she had been modelling for various brands, she had to keep her body as toned as possible. We can say that Compono has a strict diet plan, and she eats healthy food.

She admitted that she prioritized her diet more than exercising as what is placed inside the body will be a reflection of the outside, and we can see that she is not just slim, but her skin is glowing as well.

Jenna Compono’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Although Jenna Compono finds her diet more important than exercising, she is no stranger to the gym as she spends six days a week at the gym to keep herself in shape, which is crucial for the reality TV show. She had to have a strong body to compete with other reality show casts.

Her sudden weight loss was because of her ankle injury, but aside from that, there are possible activities Compono enjoys that keep her in shape, such as swimming.

Jenna Compono’s Before and After Weight Loss

Aside from losing muscle weight, Jenna Compono’s body had always been slim, but due to her ankle injury, muscles from her body, most especially in her arms and legs, were reduced. The exact measurements of her body before and after the injury was not recorded, but we will update this article once news of her body measurements is reported and made public.

Image of Jenna Compono before and after of weight loss

Jenna Compono before and after weight loss

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